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"The Batman's Last Christmas!"

The Batman drops off a large bag of gifts at the Gotham Children's Home. Responding to the Bat Signal, Batman meets with Police Commissioner James Gordon. They discuss Gordon's uncertain future under the new mayor, Hamilton Hill. Gordon asks Batman to bring in mob boss "Spurs" Sanders' accountant's records. Batman closes in on the gunsel currently in possession of the accountant's records. At that same moment, the Huntress arrives in Gotham City, to spend the holiday with her "Uncle" Bruce. Batman subdues the mob goon. Perusing the records, Batman runs across a shocking bit of information, regarding his father, Thomas Wayne. Momentarily distracted, Batman doesn't see the gunsel drawing on him. The Huntress disarms the thug, then kicks him into unconsciousness. Visibly shaken, Batman asks the Huntress to accompany him, to Wayne Manor, to talk. While Alfred serves refreshments, Batman contemplates the possibility that his father may have been a gangster. The Huntress convinces Batman to investigate the matter further. As Bruce and Helena Wayne, they pay a visit to Amos Randolph, Thomas Wayne's old accountant. The aged Randolph is a sickly man with a nervous habit of tapping his fingers. The Waynes are only allowed a half hour to visit with him. Randolph produces Thomas Wayne's old financial records, which seem to corroborate the evidence found in Sanders' records. Batman and the Huntress storm Sanders' estate. Once all the guards have been dealt with, Batman demands to know Sanders' connection to Thomas Wayne. Sanders plays an old tape recording of Thomas Wayne agreeing to funnel money into Sander's bid to take over Gotham's criminal underground. The voice is unmistakably Batman's father's.

Shaken to his very foundation, Batman travels, alone, to his father's gravesite. There before the tombstone of Thomas Wayne, Batman renounces his war on crime, and ends his crime fighting career as the Batman. Concealed behind a nearby tombstone, the Huntress watches in horror as history repeats itself. On her native Earth 2, her own father, the Baman of that world, also retired his cowl after his wife, the Catwoman of that world, and the Huntress' mother, was killed. In the weeks that follow, Bruce Wayne re-enters Gotham society, but his is a broken man, merely going through the motions, to maintain his playboy facade. The mob makes an attempt on the life of the man who lost Sanders' records to the Batman. The assassination is foiled by the Huntress. Watching on the street, Wayne realizes that the Batman isn't just about fighting crime, but also in sparing innocents loss. Wayne resolves to get to the bottom of his father's connection to the mob. Returning to Wayne Manor, Wayne recollects the last Christmas he spent with his parents. Randolph had dropped by for a visit, and given Wayne a gift. The memory triggers the answer in Wayne's mind. As he once more takes up the mantle of the Batman, Helena Wayne openly weeps tears of joy. Batman calls on Randolph, revealing that he knows that it was Randolph, posing as Thomas Wayne, who financed the mob, embezzling the funds from Thomas Wayne's bank accounts. The tell tale sound of Randolph's nervous tapping could be heard on the tape recording Sanders played for Batman. Meanwhile, the Huntress calls on Sanders to inform him that his accountant's records have been safely delivered to Commissioner Gordon. This will be Sanders' last Christmas as a free man. The Batman thanks the Huntress for helping to restore his faith in his father, and invites her to spend the holiday with him.


Nemesis has walked into a trap. As he prowls around the shadowed hangar, he is unaware that he moves within the crosshairs of an assassin's sniper rifle. Before Greyfox can fire the kill shot, Barney Forrest, Nemesis' helicopter mechanic, slams into Greyfox, spoiling the shot. Forrest calls out a warning to Nemesis before he is subdued. Greyfox's men close in on Nemesis' position. Nemesis shoots out their flashlight, then lays down covering fire, allowing him to reach another hangar. Nemesis sends a plane out of the hangar. Greyfox shoots the plane's fuel line, causing it to explode. The distraction gives Nemesis time to reach the roof of the hangar. Nemesis swings over to the next hangar, taking out the guard on Forrest. Greyfox escapes in a helicopter, using Forrest's daughter Maria as a human shield to keep Nemesis from retaliating. To Greyfox's surprise, Maria wriggles free and jumps from the rapidly ascending helicopter. Nemesis swings out to rescue Maria, leaving himself wide open to attack from Greyfox. Nemesis is shot. As Greyfox prepares to throw down a grenade to finish them off, Forrest picks up a rifle and begins shooting at Greyfox. Forrest is a terrible shot, but a stray ricochet causes Greyfox to drop the grenade in the helicopter. The resultant explosion kills Greyfox. Nemesis recovers. Though injured, his wound is not mortal.

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