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Batman and Jay Garrick stand against an android samurai with a bad attitude!


When Batman is investigating a murder scene, he is attacked by an android samurai. As he begins to fight off the android, Jay Garrick, the Flash arrives to disassmble the samuroid. It turned out the murder victim was a friend of Jay's.

It turns out the samuroids were built by T.O. Morrow and came under the possession of the Penguin after the Riddler paid off a debt to him. The Penguin wants to have Bruce Wayne killed since Wayne Enterprises won't sell the supplies their start up company needs to become the first in the global security business.

Jay follows Batman back to the cave to try to figure out who else could be in danger. Jay tries talking to Batman about the inevitable day that he'll have to "pass the baton" of Batman. Batman avoids the conversation. As they head upstairs, Jay takes a patrol of the estate and discovers more samuroids making their move towards the mansion.

Jay soon realizes that while the samuroids have more decorations on them, they are also faster. He also realizes that the ones he's fighting are simply a distraction as others have made their way to the mansion.

Inside Bruce finds three samuroids ready to attack him. He wonders why so many when one would be enough to take out Bruce Wayne. He then figures either he's earned the respect of someone or it's just someone that does things in the Penguin. Jay enters and asks why there isn't any security. Bruce tells him it wasn't activated in order to draw them in. Jay doesn't want to risk Bruce's life and says they need to get back downstairs. Unfortunately their path is blocked. So Jay vibrates them through the floor.

Since the samuroids are being run on a chemical artificial intelligence, Jay says the form of bacteria they have will be susceptible to antibiotics. He uses Batman's lab to create a gas that will neutralize them. Only the gas will be poisonous to them too. Batman puts on a gas mask and heads to cause a distraction while Jay readies the gas to run through the ventilation system.

They soon trace the 'droids to a factory and find T.O. Morrow there. Jay isn't too happy with the fact that Morrow murdered one of his friends. He has set demolitions all over the factory and threatens to leave Morrow inside. Morrow quickly says he'll confess to everything but begs that his "children" aren't hurt. Batman explains to Jay that Morrow develops an attachment to his creations (just as he did with Red Tornado). Before they can do anything, T.O. Morrow escapes into the timestream.

The factory explodes and the two need to depart to answer distress calls from the JLA and JSA. They leave with a great respect for each other.

Batman is fighting off the samuroids but the swarm of them is getting to be too much even for him.



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