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“THE EARTH IS MINE!” Batman is hurled hundreds of years into the future, where he meets the last boy on earth, Kamandi! In “PLUNDER THE PENTAGON,” Mockingbird gives August, Carlo and Lili instructions that they are to steal top-secret plans for the United States' newest jet fighter, the XB-107!

This Earth is Mine

Kamandi runs from gorilla slavers, led by Batman. The Last Boy On Earth nimbly evades his pursuers, all that is save for the relentless Batman. Herded into a dead end, Kamandi turns to fight, finding the Batman a match for his every move. Batman loops a rope over a rock pinnacle, and gestures to Kamandi to climb away to safety. Puzzled, Kamandi does as instructed. Encountering a wild horse, Kamandi quickly tames the steed, then rides hard as the slave squad, again led by Batman, closes on him. Kamandi rides for Mount Rushmore, narrowly avoiding being seen by a patrol of bear rangers. Kamandi mingles his horse's tracks with that of the bear rangers, to throw off the gorillas, as he follows the bear rangers to the base of Mount Rushmore. There, the bear rangers leave an offering of food to "the Gods". Suddenly, the silence is broken by the sound of the Star Spangled Banner, echoing out from the great stone heads. The gorilla slavers make contact with the bear rangers, enlisting their aid in the hunt for Kamandi. Spooked by a rattlesnake, the Last Boy on Earth is thrown from his horse. The commotion draws the attention of the bears and gorillas, as Kamandi races for the death belt surrounding Mount Rushmore. Kamandi passes through the deadly band of radiation without a second thought. The Batman, in pursuit, swings up over it. As Kamandi scales the mountain, a pair of human hands reach out for him, and drag him into a cavern.

Kamandi is surprised to see men, like himself, living in squalor within Mount Rushmore. The bear rangers are unaware of the presence of these human survivors, living inside Mount Rushmore. The humans have no means of eluding the bear patrols and escaping, in effect making them prisoners. Using a tape recorder, they play the music that makes the bears believe the President's heads are living Gods. When the bears offer up food in tribute, the survivors sneak down to claim the bounty, thus maintaining their survival. Their leader, Manton, used ancient Indian magic to transport the Batman through time to aid them in their quest for freedom. As if on cue, the Batman enters the cavern. Removing his mask to show Kamandi that he is, in fact, human, and not an animal, Batman relays the tale of his arrival. He had collapsed in Gotham City. As he lay comatose in a hospital bed, he felt himself rising up out of his body, as he was transported to the desolate wastelands of Kamandi's time. Encountering the gorilla slavers, Batman beat down their leader, Gorgo, to assume command of the squad, under the name "Captain Bat". Batman hooks up a microphone, from his utility belt, to the speakers within Mount Rushmore. Posing as the "Chief God", Batman orders the bear rangers to drag an airplane across the plains, to Mount Rushmore. The bears comply, and force the gorilla slavers to assist them.

With the bears and gorillas thus occupied, Batman leads the survivors out of Mount Rushmore. A young man, named Garth, strays from the group, intoxicated by the heady feeling of freedom. Garth is spotted by Gorgo, who gives chase when the boy flees. Gorgo fires a flare to draw the slavers and rangers back to him. Garth unwittingly leads Gorgo back to the other survivors. Batman attempts to retake command of the gorillas, but they recognize his voice as that of the Chief God. Despite his best evasive efforts, Batman is hog-tied by several slavers, then dragged along the ground, behind their horses, as they track the survivors. Garth informs the group that Batman is a prisoner of the slavers. Kamandi sends the survivors on, then backtracks towards the slavers. Regaining his horse, Kamandi quickly intercepts the slavers, and cuts Batman free of his bonds. Pulling Batman onto his horse, Kamandi rides hard back to the survivors, just keeping ahead of the slavers and rangers. The survivors board an ancient train car, and take off down the tracks. Batman and Kamandi just catch the train car before it can get up to speed. The survivors build a raft, in the hopes of finding a new life, somewhere down the river. Kamandi stays on with them to serve as their protector. Manton uses the last of his magic Indian powder to send Batman back to his time.

Plunder The Pentagon

This story was originally presented in Secret Six #2. A plot summary for this story can be found on that issue page.

The Beasts That Battled Batman

Batman relives several of his past cases, involving conflicts with animals, animal themed adversaries, like the Birdmaster or Man-Bat, and animal companions, like Ace, the Bathound.

Note: Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Superman "The Spy".


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