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Ach, the Wee Laddie!

I don't think I need to introduce The Boys to anyone at this point, in fact I think it's the highest-selling ongoing I read...last month it was #99 overall, yes I read American Vampire (#85) but that comic hasn't had time to establish itself, it's still new and fresh and the sales have definitely dropped on it. So yeah...this is The Boys...well more specifically it's a spin-off miniseries. Second of three planned.
Unfortunately, I think even though thousands of people read The Boys, this series will get a lot less readers then it deserves. After Herogasm which offended a lot of people who don't seem to know who Ennis is, I suspect people won't feel optimistic about another mini and just skip it over. However, I think this one is a lot more essential and enjoyable for everyone...first of all, it actually follows the main character of the series and although I won't know until next month for sure I believe this is happening as the stuff in the main series is meaning it's probably meant to fill in the gap of time where Hughie isn't starring in The Boys.
However, the second complaint I know (and actually felt myself at first) is that the art isn't by series co-creator Darick Robertson. Sadly this is a necessary sacrifice, there are two types of titles out there, the ones drawn by a single artist that although amazing have publishing delays (100 Bullets, Ex Machina) and then the ones like this where the creative team is all about making sure the fans get their monthly fix even if it means getting fill-in artists. And apart from the cover, that's what we have here.
I'll admit, it takes some getting used to and I think Hughie looks less "Wee" when drawn by McCrea but at the same time I won't reject a well-written comic because it's not a favored artist. And it is not so much that his art is bad is that it's not what I've come to associate with this comic universe. Regardless I think if either of those are your worries discard them and check it out, Ennis sets us up for some interesting stuff (Hughie's origin!). And I don't know about you but I like to know more about the past of my protagonist.
Also, if you're not reading The Boys, I'd say check this certainly isn't filled with over-your-head stuff but it can give you a small taste of what The Boys is like. I know I got into the series by reading the Herogasm mini and then after deciding I liked it went back and read the entire ongoing and I've been up to date since. Never regretted it.

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