The Boys: Dear Becky #1

    The Boys: Dear Becky » The Boys: Dear Becky #1 - Saturday released by Dynamite Entertainment on June 2020.

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    Twelve years after the events of The Boys, Hughie finds himself back home in Scotland where he intends to finally marry Annie in the company of friends and family. But the sudden appearance of a peculiar document sends our hero into a tailspin and threatens to bring the events of his nightmarish past crashing down on him in the worst possible way. There was one story about The Boys that Hughie never knew. Now, whether he likes it or not, he's going to.

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ARegular CoverDarick Robertson (a) & Tony Aviña (c)1
    B/RESad Lemon Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMirka Andolfo2
    C/RESad Lemon Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Virgin)Mirka Andolfo3
    D/REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Homelander Virgin)Rafael Grassetti4
    E/REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Homelander Virgin)Rafael Grassetti5
    F/REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Starlight Virgin)Carla Cohen6
    G/REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Starlight Virgin)Carla Cohen7
    H/REComics Elite Exclusive Variant Cover (Green Dress)Darick Robertson (a) & Tony Aviña (c)8
    I/REComics Elite Exclusive Variant Cover (Black Virgin)Darick Robertson (a) & Tony Aviña (c)9
    J/REComics Elite Exclusive Variant Cover (Gold Virgin)Darick Robertson (a) & Tony Aviña (c)10
    K/FOC1:10 Bonus FOC Incentive "Pure Pencil" Edition Variant CoverDarick Robertson11
    L/FOC1:15 Bonus FOC Incentive "Black & White" Edition Variant CoverDarick Robertson12
    M/FOC1:20 Bonus FOC Incentive "Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverDarick Robertson (a) & Tony Aviña (c)13
    N/FOC1:25 Bonus FOC Incentive "Black & White Virgin Art" Edition Variant CoverDarick Robertson14


    • The Comics Elite Exclusive Variant Covers are a homage of the cover of Spider-Man #1. The cover variant features Hughie choking the character Webweaver, who is the Boys' parody of Spider-Man. This marks the first time readers go to see what the character looked like given that he was only mentioned in the original run.

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