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    The plot thickens....and hardens...

    Tek Knight is one crazy cat. Even the cats think so. This madman cannot find the cause of his incessant arousal - his butler even had to quit after an unfortunate clash between Tek Knight and his ear. There is talk that it had something to do with exposure to a chemical....but I think he's just horny. He's a supe for christ's sake - the other supes in this series have a lot more serious issues than this.

    Wee Hughie is really coming into his own - he's becoming quite the investigator, and getting used to the Butcher. If he can just get over that first murder, I think he's going to make a pretty formidable teammate.

    PROPS to Mother's Milk for endorsing Anchor Steam!! I doubt Ennis got paid for that one - I'm guessing he's just a fan.

    You people should be reading this if you're not.

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