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The Boys #63


Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men Part Four; twists ‘a plenty, blood, flying heads, Mr. Vought America has a name, and the next chain of events which will lead to the climax of this series. Oh man… Ya want gum?

What Rich likes…

Three significant things happened in this issue, none of which I saw coming; the best thing about it? It’s all within the context of the story. Some people have criticised The Boys, suggesting that the antics which go on in each issue overshadow the overall story. This is something I generally disagree with and one would need no further proof than to simply read this issue. This story completely captivated me and I was hooked all the way through. It developed the occurrences or Part Three while setting up the story for the final two parts of this arc.

We see a different side to a lot of characters. I’m left clueless as to where things can go from this issue, even though there’s a million-and-one alternative possibilities. Every single character in this issue is feeling the tension of the mounting pressure between our three sides; The Seven, Vought America and The Boys. Ennis is portraying every character perfectly, to the extent where it’s realistically unpredictable as to what each will do next.

There’s a frame in one of the fight scenes with The Female that made me chuckle. You’ll know which one when you read it.

The issue ends with Butcher ready to take things into his own hands, an offer of a truce and The Homelander is growing steadily more insane.

What Rich dislikes…

I would have like to have known how Butcher caught A-Train and was hoping that this would have been explained in this issue.

Also, my favourite character died...!

And the Mother’s Milk situation which started in Part One has barely been touched on since... They offered a stalling point in Part Two, but I’m still expecting Ennis to come back to it. Otherwise, it seems a little pointless...

...and I have to wait a month for the next issue. If I have any hair left by then, I will be surprised.


Another crackin’ issue in what has been one of my favourite arcs in The Boys so far, if not my favourite overall. It’s been half an hour since I read it and I’m still more tense than when I am during a bad day at work. The final two issues of this arc will be crazy... And then it’s on to the final arc...!

I’ll give this issue 4/5.

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