rich_tea's The Boys #62 - Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men, Part Three review

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The Boys #62

Part three brings blood, politics, explosions, kidnapping and vomit. Anyone would have thought Garth Ennis wrote this shenanigan…

What Rich likes…

The pace of this arc has been consistent and there’s a gi-normous storm cloud hanging over my head, which gathers steam with every month. This arc is pushing me closer and closer over the edge of this metaphorical cliff.

There’s a good ol’ fight scene to kick off this issue, leaving right from the climax of the last issue. There’s some serious imagination going into these scenes. The Boys’ composure and reluctance leave little to be desired… Classic.

With the political scene freshened up, we start to understand the implications that this will have upon The Boys. Again, it’s difficult to predict who will strike first between Vought America and The Boys. I’m peering over the edge of that metaphorical cliff right now…

Continuity ensured, we reference back to an occurrence in the mini-series Herogasm. This ties in with the series’ most mysterious character; Black Noir. I really want to know…is it someone we know hiding under that mask? We know so little about him and this leads me to believe that this character will have a great extent of significance in the coming issues; especially with the results of Ms. Jessica Bradley’s computer simulation program in a previous issue…

On top of this, the issue finishes on three different cliff hangers. One will be a test of Mr. Vought America’s security, one will be a test of Hughie’s will-power and morals and the last will be …well, what on earth is up with the Homelander? This will hopefully be developed in the next issue and I cannot wait!

What Rich dislikes…

I can’t fault this issue. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. There’s a little Garth Ennis humour and the artwork is consistent. What is there to dislike? …probably quite a lot if you have a weak stomach.


The next progression to this story will tell us a lot about several characters. There’s only so much nibbling that can be done before someone takes a bite. He who may gnash first may not get the first chew… I’ll be reading issue #63 as soon as I buy it. Bring it on.

I’ll give this issue a confident 4/5.

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