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The Boys #61

Part two of Over The Hill sees The Boys realise the damage that the changes in political power could have on them, Mr. Vought America and Ms. Jessica Bradley hire their own super-hero security, Mother’s Milk teases a way to infiltrate The Seven and Wee Hughie dreams about gay aliens.

What Rich likes...

I’m a soppy ol’ muppet at heart and I just want to see Hughie and Annie happy together. Again, Garth Ennis’ character development is superb and this issue highlights several of Hughie’s problems; this being his struggle with his relationship and his anti-violent stance. There’s little sympathy for Hughie in the issue, who is, effectively, told to man-up by both Butcher and Annie. Part of me agrees with this response, while still feeling bad!

Muzzletov may be my new favourite superhero. Ever. Od uoy eerga htiw em?

The tension within the whole story is rising. The impression that I’m getting is that the three groups of focus – The Boys, Vought America and The Seven(ish) – all believe they have the upper-hand in this conflict and there’s complacency on every front. Someone’s going to come crashing down soon and I’m left here wondering a) who will play their ace card first, b) who will tumble first, and c) who will come out on top?! This issue gives the swaying feeling that everyone is against each other which advocates the most interesting confrontation between Vought America and The Seven...

Finally, the last two panels of the issue sum up a) what The Boys is effectively about, and b) smaller superhero teams within The Boys. It’s a reflection of the series which has me chuckling to myself.

What Rich dislikes...

Minor complaint...I’ve come to expect the roof crashing in upon everything and drama to be flying everywhere. This is just a testing of my own to Garth Ennis. I’m hooked.


Muzzletov looks like Rowan Atkinson, is the first point I must raise.

The issue plods along and reveals little interesting snippets along the way. Again, this will all be collective information towards the climax of this arc, or the story as a whole. There’s a big development on its way and I cannot wait... It’s this expectation which carries me through issues like these, while still sitting on the edge of my seat.

I’ll give this issue 3.5/5.


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