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The Boys #60

This issue signals the beginning of the end. We see a big political shake up on the horizon, one of The Boys flies off of the rails, the Homelander learns something of one of his own and Mr. Vought America shows a sign of weakness; imperfection.

What Rich likes…

The recent issues of The Boys have completely changed my perspective on the series. The parody-esque and lighter hearted feel have somewhat demised, to be replaced by a serious, yet still tounge-in-cheek ideology. For the first time, it really feels like The Boys are vulnerable, especially with the political twist which arises in this issue, which will undoubtedly have implications for the duration of this story arc.

Over the previous fifty-nine issues, as well as the mini-series’, I have become unconsciously attached to the characters to the extent where I’m now genuinely worried for them. Kudos to Garth Ennis for bringing these characters to life, as believable or not as they may be, and making me want them to be genuinely happy!

The unpredictability of Garth Ennis’ writing style means that I could be smacked with a curve-ball in the instance of just turning a page. The Boys leaves me on edge and wanting more and this issue is exactly the same. I’m left wondering how the Homelander will react to his discovery and how Mother’s Milk will respond to the issues that he faces in this issue.

I also enjoy the suggestion that Vought America aren’t indestructible. For the first real time, Mr. Vought America shows a little weakness, even though it is because something happened which – although it may have been intended in the long term – happened out of his hands. This guy likes control and momentarily lost it here.

And The Deep gets some dialogue in this issue…the guy makes me chuckle, what can I say?

What Rich dislikes…

Aside the effect that The Boys may be having upon my health – both mental and physical – there is nothing I dislike. I enjoy the style of writing and I am left wanting to know more about each apprehension that is raised in this issue.


Perhaps on the face of things, this issue is by no means a classic. However, once I step back and observe the bigger picture of things, several aspects that occur in this issue could potentially have massive implications. I’m left hanging onto every word, because I know that every last word is vital and has a chance of being brought up in a future issue. Even ‘Mister Fuzzy-Buzzy…’.

I’ll give this issue 4/5.

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