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Garth Ennis is one sick bastard!

You would think a character talking about beating a child to death with a lamp post wouldn't be funny at all and in fact it would be condemned completely in a comic right? Well you would think that until you read this comic and laugh at the dialogue which is beyond outrageous! We have Superheroes getting beaten the hell out of in this issue which is comical in of itself how badly they get tore up. The funniest part of the fight though was when poor Hughie thinking he is about to get killed by Blarney Cock accidentally rips out his heart shocking the hell out of everyone with Butcher saying "your not supposed to kill them". Than there is the scene with the Hamster that just leaves you as a reader laughing while shaking your head going wtf?!? Overall this a great issue to wrap things up and deserves a 5 out of 5.

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