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Boys Will Be Boys

Wanna hear something funny? Maybe a year or so ago, everyone was talking about The Boys, telling me to read it, how awesome it was, etc. I didn't pay much heed at the time (granted I never realized who wrote it) but now here I am, reading the title and loving it and where is everyone else? I don't know but they're surely not singing this comic's praises anymore and I think that's a pity. 
Yes this isn't my FAVORITE comic and I still hold Preacher in higher regard, but I still find this to be a great comic in its own right. Ennis definitely is heading towards something and has a finite ending so it's not like you need to worry this will be going on forever. I mean if it's supposed to end with #70 and it releases an issue every month (which it does, whether Darick can draw it or not), that means in exactly two years this will all be over...that seems perfectly reasonable to me. I know some people feel the series drags on and it appears based on the diminishing praise that the series is considered a BANG followed by a little fizzle. I would beg to differ on that and I'd like to know where all The Boys lovers disappeared off to. 
Anyways, this issue continued the set-up for the fate of Hughie and Starlight's relationship. Since Hughie is in here and his mini I'm confused when that happens (but I assume after #47) but it also means we know things don't end well next issue. Which (and this is just a personal opinion) I think is a load considering what Hughie finds out at the end of this issue. If I were him it would make me feel closer to Annie, not further...but hey, I won't question the Ennis, he has next issue to explain that. 
Of course, other things happened in the issue like Butcher continuing to be a douche, Mallory appearing enshrouded in a flashback, and a secret about the way The Boys do their thing being revealed. Other highlights include the Female's little "cameo", Maeve's hot body and Darick's epic cover (also related to the last highlight). 
I'm still reading this series, I hope all of you are's a shame to stick around so long and then miss what Ennis has been building to in the first place. I mean in the case of Preacher the climax was pretty frickin' epic so I say read The Boys!

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