The Boys #15

    The Boys » The Boys #15 - Good for the Soul, Part One released by Dynamite Entertainment on February 2008.

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    Part one of the four part "Good For The Soul": Hughie visits The Legend, determined to find out more about The Boys- their history, their personalities, and their mysterious hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Annie January (alias Starlight) has her own doubts about membership of The Seven. This storyline also reveals a little more about the other members of the team- beginning with Butcher, and his relationship with CIA director Susan Rayner.

    Starlight is sitting in a church and wants to know if God is out there or not. She can't understand the things she's had to go through lately since joining the Seven. She figures that if God is there, he must be sadistic. She has really been let down since seeing that the Seven don't really do much to save others. It's mainly been about corporate sponsorship.

    Butcher has more sex with Director Rayner. She continues to curse and tell him she hates him the entire time.

    Wee Hughie visits the Legend. The Legend informs him that the Blarney Cock is back in town. Hughie is shocked because he was the one that accidentally killed him after first getting Compound V in his system. The Legend tells him that this happens from time to time. Capes die all the time but have so much Compound V in them that it simply jump-starts their bodies. The Legend tells Hughie he has to kill him again. When they come back, their minds aren't really there. Plus Butcher wants it known that when the Boys kill someone, they stay killed. He also tells Hughie to do it as a favor for him. Hughie says he'll do it but then wants all his questions about the Boys answered. The Legend agrees, saying he's earned the right to know where he stands.

    Starlight travels back home to visit her former teammates, the Young Americans. Arriving unannounced, she walks in on Drummer Boy having sex with Holy Mary. He claimed he was lonely and didn't know if she was coming back or not. Everything she's known, her heroes, her friends, and maybe even her god have been a lie. Thinking that perhaps God isn't there, she leaves the church. In the park, she runs into Wee Hughie and falls, in tears, into his arms.


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