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In the Name of love

I loved this idea although it's not a new one, heroes existing in a realistic world where power corrupts and absolute power corrupts apsolutely.  Like Marshal Law by Pat Mills 1987  and Alan Moore the watchman 1986 and so on but the boys is completely different to either and all others simply because Garth Ennis has his own individual cynical sarcastic style that deliberately delivers a demented demanding demystifying portrait of realistic post Human's  with a super power's playing silly buggers. It's a fun entertaining and at times beautiful bit of work that I hope continues to impress

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    When people think of Garth Ennis most of the time they go for the most immediate link of him and Preacher. Preacher is considered to be his best by many for a plethora of reasons that is almost to long to go through. While Preacher was a great series with an amazing and compelling story, I can not of the opinion that it is the best that Ennis has done.The Boys is an intense series that takes an idea that has been mulled over before and shows us how Ennis would do it. Each character is very belie...

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