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The Beginning

When people think of Garth Ennis most of the time they go for the most immediate link of him and Preacher. Preacher is considered to be his best by many for a plethora of reasons that is almost to long to go through. While Preacher was a great series with an amazing and compelling story, I can not of the opinion that it is the best that Ennis has done.

The Boys is an intense series that takes an idea that has been mulled over before and shows us how Ennis would do it. Each character is very believable in the way Ennis has written them, with his years of experience this is what one would expect but even then Garth really shows us what he can really do. Starting from the very beginning you know Butcher has a vendetta with the Supes, you know he has a serious back ground with them and is driven by his past to help accomplish what he has set out to do. You get the sense that you do not fuck with Butcher, he fucks with you. And yet somehow he has a very compassionate side to him (even though that isn't shown hardly at all in this issue). Hughie may seem out of place with the gang but you immediately feel for him and everything he goes through in this first issue. You know there is something big for him in his future and that whatever roll Ennis has for him, it is something that you want to read, something you have to see through to the end because you absolutely what retribution for what he has suffered.

And of course where would this comic be with out Darick fucking Robertson?!? I love Transmetrapolitan not just because of how great the story that Warren Ellis wrote for us all but also because of the great detail and, above all, the incredible sense of life that Robertson displays through his illustration. Having him team up with Ennis on this only helps this comic in every way boasting it from an incredible read to something that every comic fan should own!

The Boys is my favorite current series and my absolute favorite series that Ennis has done. This comic is everything a good comic, and just a good story in general, should be. It picks you up, sits you in a roller coaster seat, locks you in and puts the coaster on full throttle. It's is fucking incredible.


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