The Books of Magic #70

    The Books of Magic » The Books of Magic #70 - Ashes Time released by Vertigo on March 1, 2000.

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    Approached by the demon Barbatos, young mage Timothy Hunter must make a decision that could send him on the path to becoming the evil Mr. Wrong. Meanwhile, the Wild Hunt arrives at the Inn Between Worlds, threatening to destroy the new life Tim has created for himself.

    The demon Puzzlestick, from the Inn Between Worlds from the last few issues, runs into Barbatos in hell, and tips him off about Tim's location.

    Drunk finishes making his beer. Accasbel sends Tim/Mary and Joh to deliver a message that will take all day to deliver. Drunk and Accasbel know the Inn is about to be destroyed, and guess as to how it will happen this time. Drunk admits to being Dionysus/Bacchus.

    Tim/Mary messes up the plan, however, and tells Joh s/he can take the message alone by bike, so Joh can hang out.

    The Wild Hunt, including Cupid and Alpanu Lasas, search for Tim. They see the Inn Between Worlds, and ride in towards it.

    Tim/Mary rides along, thinking of how well he has done as a girl, and that he has generally not caused as much havoc as he used to, when he crashes into Barbatos's ice cream truck. Hauptmann is broken apart, but Tim loses his glamour stone and Barbatos recognizes him.

    Drunk and Accasbel hear the Hunt is coming. Accasbel says he let his staff go berry picking for the day, but is angered when he sees that Joh is still there when the Hunt shows up.

    Barbatos taunts Tim, tells him he knows where he magic is, and says he'll help him defeat the Other in return for a memory.

    The Hunt asks for Tim's location, and Accasbel refuses to say. The Hunt does not respect the protection of a safe house, as it is only safe due to the Compact, which locked the Hunt away.

    Tim knows that this is when Barbatos tries to start him down the road to being his slave, and tells him so. Barbatos is surprised to hear Tim being so brash. Tim tells him he left the Other for Barbatos to make into a slave. Tim realizes that this is current Barbatos, not the Barbatos he met from the future who had enslaved Sir Timothy. Barbatos drives off.

    Tim sees the flames from the burning Inn, and goes back in a hurry. He finds Joh alive and hiding in the wreckage, but everyone else is dead.

    They hide in the wilderness, and kiss, then make love.



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