The Books of Magic #67

    The Books of Magic » The Books of Magic #67 - A Day, A Night, & A Dream: Part Two released by Vertigo on December 1, 1999.

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    Tim Hunter's reunion with a long-lost loved one -- and the young mage's first experience with alcohol -- continue in the conclusion of "A Day, a Night, and a Dream." But will Tim find new romance at the Inn Between Worlds, or lose a dear friend forever?

    Tim is concerned with the sudden appearance of Titania at the Inn Between Worlds where he works in disguise as "Mary." Titania could recognize him as either Tim or Mary, and his new friend Joh turns out to somehow have a crush on him as Tim.

    Titania sees a dream version of Tamlin, Tim's dad and Titania's former lover. She's happy to see him after his death, but he rejects her. He says he never loved her as much as the mother of his child...which throws the standard story up in the air, for Tim has always believed that Titania is his mother. Who was his mother, and why did she wear the glamour stone he now wears?

    Titania wants to kill him, but the Inn is a Free House and she cannot use her power there as a queen. She is forced to leave in embarrassment.

    Tamlin stole her purse, and buys drinks for everyone. Tim changes back into his true form to stay with Tamlin while he's still there.

    Three women who have accepted that they are dreams of a lover all realize that they all loved the same guy, who now shows up as a dream as well, but in a disheveled state. Soon he disappears, and the demon Puzzlestick collects his coin that all dreams carry.

    Tim and Tamlin talk about Molly; Joh overhears and is jealous.

    Tim and Puzzlestick talk about some angels who are slumming in the Inn. They are covered with leather hoods and straps so they don't know who they are with--heavenly angels or fallen angels--which allows them to be there. Tim, who's getting drunk, says they don't care about humans, and they stare back at him.

    Tim drunkenly tells Joh that he's Mary. Joh slaps him and runs off.

    The stagecoach of the dead stops by and collects the dead souls at the inn, including Tim's step-mother Holly. She apologizes for how she treated him when she was alive, and Tim forgives her.

    The women who are dreams slowly fade away. Tamlin pays for Puzzlestick to stay the night, and Accasbel the owner tells Tim he should be proud of his dad.

    Tamlin tells Tim that he was a good son, and Tim tells him that he loves him, a reciprocal bond Tim has rarely felt with family before.

    Tim and Joh make up, and she promises not to tell who he is.



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