The Books of Magic #52

    The Books of Magic » The Books of Magic #52 - Homecoming released by Vertigo on September 1, 1998.

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    Six months ago, in one of the worlds that Tim accidentally created as the Opener, Thomas Currie comes up to a badly wounded John Constantine, saying that he had warned him. The world ends in a blast of magic.

    Tim's dad and his new wife Holly, and her son Cyril walk around the zoo, wondering where Tim has gotten to (Tim's time in Leah's box took no time in our world). Apparently Holly and Cyril did not spend a lot of time getting therapy in America.

    Thomas Currie has arrived in the true Tim's reality, and shows up at Tim's original home. His neighbors tell Currie that Bill married Holly recently, that his original wife, Mary, died years ago, and that they all moved away.

    Bill finds Tim and tells him that they want to send him to Bardsey, a fancy boarding school; Holly will pay for it. Tim is very unhappy about this, especially when he learns that Cyril will be in the same grade. Bill knows it will be hard, so he tells him he can skip out of the rest of the family outing and go back to their original home to talk to his old friends about it.

    As Tim travels there on the bus, he thinks that he feels even less at home than he did in the US or Faerie. He also wants to see Molly, but knows he can't. He wants to be normal.

    Thomas goes to Faerie to get more help on his mission to stop the Other and warn Tim. He is concerned, because on other worlds, his late mother is usually very important in teaching Tim to use his magic wisely.

    Currie traps a troll in a magic circle. He bargains with him to get his Glamour Stone; with it, he looks like a giant troll, but without it the troll is small. Now Currie can look like the troll.

    Tim arrives home to find a sign that says it's for sale, which his dad had not told him. He is angry, and talks with his magical creation, In-the-No about it. In-the-No wants to be free of the neighborhood, where's Tim's magic traps him. Tim says he can't free him because he doesn't have magic any more; it tells him that it knows secrets about Molly. It also says that the other kids in the neighborhood only played with him because Jimmy made them, and that his body was eventually found in the ocean.

    As Tim walks off, some of the toy plastic army men that he brought to life follow him.

    Some of Molly's brothers find Tim. They angrily confront him, saying that he changed her, and that she went to live in Ireland. He fights back, and the army men take his side, shooting at the brothers. Tim angrily destroys the soldiers, saying he doesn't want them in his life any more. The brothers know that Molly is cursed by the Fairies, and can't eat or walk on the ground, and Tim is frustrated that he didn't try to help her when he still had magic. He leaves.

    Currie watches Tim cold-heartedly destroy his creations, and talks with In-the-No about him.

    He later arrives at Bardsey, Tim and Cyril's new school, where he takes a job as a teacher.



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