The Books of Magic #51

    The Books of Magic » The Books of Magic #51 - A Thousand Worlds of Tim released by Vertigo on August 1, 1998.

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    Titania visits Lucien in a library in the Dreaming, where books that were dreamed of, but not written, reside. Titania is a habitue of the library, and loves its variety, but never learned to read true, physical books.

    Lucien shows her a copy of the Books of Magic, about Tim's life, but it begins to burn in her hands, for someone in reality has begin to actually write it. They do not know its author, but it is by Thomas Currie.

    Currie explains that Openers, like Tim, create worlds. When they are young, they do so by instinct, often when in pain or confusion: they create a world slightly different from their own, often related to the thing that caused the pain. Their memory related to that incident also disappears, and a bit of their soul goes to the new world.

    Currie says that Openers who are trained early on don't lose too much of their selves, but if they are not trained, they can lose their identity due to the missing pieces, and cause terrible problems. He also says that an Opener must have, and meet, his Other--who earlier in the series was said to be Molly, and was implied to be the person who made the Opener feel whole through love, and create stability for him in that way.

    We see a version of Tim from one of these other worlds, where he avoids the Trenchcoat Brigade and never learns magic. At home, he finds a leather jacket and sunglasses-wearing version of himself, who have just carved up his mother and father with a knife. This is the Other--a version of Tim who found out about his other selves, and is killing them one by one to gain their bit of magic, so that he can eventually confront the true Tim.

    The Other stabs this world's Tim, explaining that almost all of the Tim's who had not lost their mother in the car crash don't take up magic. The Other absorbs his natural ability.

    The true Tim visits a book shop, and sells off his old fantasy books; he no longer feels connected to their made-up worlds.

    Then he visits his mother's grave, and talks to her about recent events. Titania suddenly appears, and says she will give him the Mundane Egg, first seen in the original miniseries, freely. He doesn't trust her, and knocks the egg away, breaking it. Titania explains that he has destroyed a potential world. He likes the feeling of magic that envelops him from it. She leaves in anger, saying that a storm is coming, and she won't help any more.

    When she leaves, a lightning bolt falls down and splits his mother's grave, spilling her bones all over. Tim is distraught, and tries to push them back in place. As he does, he finds a necklace that she always wore.

    This necklace is a Glamour Stone, which makes someone appear differently from their true appearance. We see, although Tim does not, that his "mother's" skull is decidedly inhuman, with fangs.

    Tim walks off with the necklace.

    Thomas Currie, in the Inn Between, talks with a young woman, Joh. He is leaving the Inn Between to find the true Tim, to warn him about the Other. And if he believes that Tim cannot kill the Other, then Thomas will kill Tim, thus destroying all of his creations, including the Other, thus saving reality.



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