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Titania, lost in the fog that was created from the dissipation of Faerie, sees a small girl, who introduces herself as Mary Rose. Titania says she once knew a girl with that name, before she betrayed her.

The girl wants to take her back to her house, but Titania makes a fairy illusion for them to play in. The girl recognizes her as a Faerie, and is scared.

Huon tells Tim that he has not destroyed Faerie, merely turned it inchoate, so that it may take a new shape, as its still-living inhabitants wish.

Auberon comes upon a figure in the form of Gwendolyn, who reproaches him for his cowardice in the face of the Teind, as well as in his relationship with Titania.

Huon explains that Lucifer created Hell out of an empty space, as he wished it to be, just as Faerie is now to be created by wishes.

Molly comes upon another version of herself, who berates her for letting herself fall for Taik, and for letting her anger get the better of her. She wants her to trust herself again.

Taik's true soul comes upon the spirit who had taken over his body in the fog, naming him Abaddon, one of the powerful demons of Hell. He had slowly wormed his way into Taik's once-pure soul, who did in truth love Molly. The two selves fight, and Abaddon kills Taik, but is himself then stomped to death by his horse.

Yarrow meets herself as well, and decides she must follow Molly's example, and be herself no matter what. She is the new Fool of the Forthing, now that the Amadan is gone.

Huon explains that everyone is by themselves, and must find themselves, and thus recreate Faerie. Tim, however, says we find ourselves by being with other people, and decides that its time for him to be an Opener: he will open all to the world.

However, Huon says that Yarrow has born the world without him: she is the Leveller. He sends Tim home. Huon says that Faerie no longer has to pay the Teind, and that Taik has been returned in the shape of a horse, but without his demon-parasite.

Yarrow tells all the fairies that Molly's example is what saved them, and recreated their realm. Titania can't fix Molly, since she ate fairy food, but she says she can go home and walk above the earth, and eat from a bag of fairy food, and thus survive. They send her home as well.

Auberon and Titania resolve to work harder at living together truthfully.

Huon is back in his realm. He still does not know who he is.



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