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Son of Kevin Thorn, brother to Revise and father to Priscilla and Robin Page. While its unknown if he knows about his twin daughters, he does resent his brother Revise for stealing Prose. When Hillary came hoping he was her father, he laughed and then coldly pointed out that she was Revise's daughter not his. He then said that he and Prose weren't blessed with children. It could mean that Prose or Revise, or both hid her pregnancy from him. Or that she left believing Revise was their father. Before leaving him, the Bookburner appeared happily content with Prose and seemed very much in love with her. It seems his brother's betrayal could have been his last straw. While Kevin does love both of his sons, he sees Revise as the lesser evil of the two children. Its never been stated who their mother was.

Bookburner takes a different approach in dealing with magic to his brother, choosing to burn books completely, effectively removing those characters from existence. He does, however, claim to keep copies in what he refers to as his 'private collection', which appears to give him power over what remains of those characters, allowing him to compel them to act on his behalf. He has not been seen since the destruction of the Golden Boughs Retirement Village.

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