The Book of Fire

    Object » The Book of Fire appears in 11 issues.

    It is a book of spells in the Marvel Universe that was key in battling demons from the Light Dimension, taking down The Ancient One, and in Brother Voodoo's sacrifice to save the world. It is a favored set of spells to Dr. Strange.

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                The Book of Fire is a collection of various spells that typically involve to a degree the manipulation of astral forms in and out of the astral plane. Spells from the Book of Fire have been seen to be used by seasoned mystics Dr. Strange and Brother Voodoo. Noteworthy spells include Carelli's Completion, the spell used by Sorcerer Supreme Brother Voodoo in his selfless defense of Earth and the Eye of Agamotto against The Ancient One

    Table of Contents

    Page 3549 - 
    Chenzy's Emergency Act of Self Astral Manipulation    
    Appendix 33 -   
    Carelli's Reversal
    Appendix 309 -   
    Carelli's Forced Mortal Astral Extraction
    Appendix 4123 -  
    Corelli's Third-Party Asrtal Form Reinstatement
    Appendix 4564 -  
    Valakanakis Astral Form Mortal Communication Projection    

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