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Bobster is a superhero for all the wrong reasons. His motivation is fame and fortune. Bobster loves the public eye and is always ready to give a interview and sell his image. But he is an amateur and has no crime fighting experience. He has offered Spider-Man a cut of his licensing profits to train him, but Spider-Man declined.  Bobster is completely unaware of the dangers to himself and to others that come with being a superhero.

After some publicity he signed a deal with a network for his own talk show all about heroes called "Flyin' with the Bobster."


Bobster wears a specially designed suit to fight crime. It is computer controlled but his technology is not perfected sometimes causing his suit to have system errors and need a reboot. It was designed by himself and his brother, who is an engineer.

His power suit has a jet pack enabling flight.

His visor has a control panel which he can control by moving his eyebrow. This controls his weaponry which include his Volt Bolts, lasers, targeting, jet punch, air blast, grapple, magnetics and vortex abilities. His visor also contains a camera which he uses to record his crime fighting and sell to the media. It also is able to patch Bobster through to the police.

Volt Bolts- Used to stun enemies
Motion Sensors- Bobster can set up motion sensors which he can pick up through his visor.
Vibration Mic- Enables him to eavesdrop through walls and windows. Works like a stethoscope.
Magnetic Attractor Beam- Can pull metallic objects to him.

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