The Bleeding Monk

    Character » The Bleeding Monk appears in 33 issues.

    A mysterious sage that has advised both Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek

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    A mysterious figure in the Valiant universe, the Bleeding Monk is directly involved in or responsible for the origins of several Valiant characters, most notably Toyo Harada, Peter Stanchek, Ninjak, and the Shadow Seven.

    An enigmatic figure, the monk does not directly communicate with anyone, instead hovering in silent meditation as blood pours out of his body continuously. Powerful psiots like Toyo Harda and Peter Stanchek may hold psychic conversations with the monk, others experience communication with him as a compulsion to perform specific tasks.

    His true origins are unknown, at various times the monk has been depicted as an enormously powerful psiot, an enlightened being, and a quasi-mystical figure. Whatever the case, he is also an extremely powerful precognitive psychic. The monk prefers to set in motion events that unfold over decades. Whether he does this for the greater good or some personal motive is unknown.

    The Bleeding Monk was originally depicted as a mysterious mentor of Toyo Harada, allowing Harada to share his visions of the future, which Harada then used to tactical advantage. It was implied that Harada and the monk had been allied for decades, but this was later soft-retconned. In modern Valiant continuity the monk's origins are more closely tied to Ninjak, by way of the monk's quasi-mystical temple deep in the Himalayas. The monk's connection with the psiot community, if any, is no longer clear.

    The monk is currently believed to be dead, however it's implied that life and death hold very little distinction for him.


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