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Meet the Blank
Meet the Blank
The Blank's actual name has yet to be revealed, and very little is actually known about him. After a former Stark International scientist was crossing a street and struck by an oncoming vehicle, a nearby man picked up the scientist's briefcase. Inside the briefcase, it was revealed that it contained a force field generator, and the man would then go on to call himself the Blank and commit many crimes upon learning how to utilize the device for his own advantage. During a bank robbery, Wonder Man attempted to stop him, but couldn't catch him due to his force field causing him to become intangible. He escaped by knocking off Wonder Man's glasses, which caused a crowd of by-standers to become hysterical due to the sight of his red eyes, allowing Blank to escape in the confusion.

Later, after igniting some gas pumps and causing a huge explosion during another robbery (This time with Mockingbird, Iron Man, and Hawkeye trying to stop him at a gas station), he escaped as they fought the fiery inferno Blank himself had unleashed; Blank then planned on fleeing the city while the others were distracted. During the recharging of the force field generator, an energy erupted from the generator and took the form of a human. Thinking it was an Avenger, he surrendered, but in reality, it was actually a foe of the Avengers named Graviton, who was somehow able to escape the dimension the Avengers left him in due to the Blank's device. Graviton would then go on to join forces with the Blank in order to unite all criminal mobs under his leadership, with Blank as the figurehead. Subsequently, Graviton then threw Blank, along with Tigra and the Shroud into the Pacific Ocean after Blank's disappointing defeat at the hands of Tigra. The Blank's current whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to have died after being sucked into an undertow; Tigra and Shroud, however, were rescued by Iron Man.

After a while, the Blank is seen very much alive with the machine now bound to his body. The Blank survived his encounter with Graviton and had washed ashore on Catalina. The energy-toss from Graviton scrambled the nanotech of his force-field belt and his central nervous system. The nanotech fused within his body and the Blank was seeking out a doctor who could possibly help him. The Blank was robbing banks across the country to get enough money for his treatment. He is back to robbing banks in New York when he first runs into  Spider-Man. Aunt May is inside the Metrobank when the Blank shoots a guard and takes off with a bag of cash. Aunt May calls her nephew, Peter Parker and he rushes to the scene as Spider Man. The Blank manages to elude Spider Man during the skirmish and escape. Spider Man confronts the Blank after he breaks into an armor car carrying over one million dollars in cash. It didn't take long before he was captured by Spider-Man, who encased him in a giant web ball so he could not escape. He was then taken into police custody. 
Equipment & Abilities:
Shooting no blanks here
Shooting no blanks here
The Blank use to wear a nanotech belt that provided him with a personal force field. This force field covered his entire body and when activated, the Blank's outer appearance displays a two-toned gray color and he is faceless. The force field is virtually impenetrable and nothing gets through it except air. The Blank usually carries various hand guns and pistols with him.    

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