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This is an anothology series. The comic stories in this issue are:

1. "Bob Benton, meek young druggist" (14 pages) - Featuring The Black Terror

The Terror Twins (Bob Benton and Tim Roland) attend an air show, alert for possible sabotage, not knowing that Nazi agent Trupp is going to strike and then try to eliminate the duo.

2. "Formic ethers produce titanic strength" (14 pages) - Featuring The Black Terror

Jean Starr and the Mayor head to Germany to rescue American newspapermen being held by the Gestapo, and end up prisoners themselves.

3. Money On Ice (1 page) - Featuring Herbie Johnson by Donald Bayne Hobart

Herbie was displaying his ice skating abilities when his grandfather warned him to be on the lookout for two robbers that have been operating in their area. When the two thieves make an appearance, Herbie's quick thinking saves his grandfather and their money.

4. "Bob Benton adopts a secret role" (13 pages) - Featuring The Black Terror

The Terror Twins face the evil Dr. Metz, who can innoculate Japanese soldiers into looking as if they were caucasians.

5. Arthur's Salvage (1 page) - by Kerry McRoberts

Arthur Dillon discovers the presence of two Nazi agents, dynamite in hand, ready to blow up the locks of the Panama Canal.

6. Introducing the Crime Crushers (17 pages) - Featuring The Crime Crushers by Richard Hughes and Al Camy

Fresh from their graduation from college, Steve and Ploppie open an agency known as "The We Do It Boys", and after some insignificant jobs, are hired by a John Merrit to play a practical joke on his brother, Henry... with disastrous results.

7. Kidnap Clue (1 page) - by Russell Stanton

Richard Gaines is held for a $100,000 ransom by a pair of kidnappers

8. Bobo the Hobo (3 pages) - Featuring Bobo the Hobo by Rusty Meredith

Rusty and Shrimpy are on their way to see one Susie Gerrish, Rusty's heart throb twenty years prior, and Shrimpy wants to know why Rusty didn't marry her. He soon finds out.



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