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While not a traditional cross-over in a sense that the story directly flows between titles, The Black Diamond Probability shows Eclipso's Black Diamond through out the DC Universe, over the course of centuries. It is first seen in Demon Knights where Lucifer gives the diamond to Exoristos while in hell. Hundreds of years later, the Black Diamond travels to the late 1880s Gotham City where Jonah Hex gets involved with a job dealing with it's current owner, Dr. Jekyll, in the pages of All-Star Western. The Black Diamond is next seen five years prior to the current day in the DCU, where the secret Government funded Team 7, come across the diamond, and Eclipso himself, in a floating meta-human prison. Finally, in the present day, Catwoman attempts to steal the Black Diamond from The Black Room, a facility maintained by Steve Trevor and A.R.G.U.S.

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