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A Good Start

What We Can Like About The Book:

Well knowing nothing about the guy I felt that the book did a good job of introducing the hero and touching on his origin and giving him a purpose. Those are good qualities to have in a first issue but as normal they leave you wanting more. So The art was fine but I felt could have been better. I don't usually pick Dynamite books so I know nothing about the publish or the characters that may exist in this world. I enjoy how the main guy acts/is.

What I Didn't Like About The Book:
Well there is a lord of Batman and Daredevil in this guy. I know Black Bat came first so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt but I've read DD and Bats longer and know stuff about them, so I found myself drawing similarities between them way to much in the book.

Power Combined:
Hopefully I can force myself to stick this out for the first couple issues and with that grow to like the Hero we have in this book. I just need to get past the similarities of other existing heroes and hope the story gets big and bombastic.

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