The Big Bang

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    An incident in which Quantum Juice was used as tear gas during a gang riot on Paris Island in Dakota. It was orchestrated by Dharma and Dr. Nemo in order to create Bang Babies.

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    Milestone Media

    The Big Bang was a turf war between all the gangs of Dakota. Among the many gangs present at Paris Island there were the Paris Island Bloods, the Force Syndicate, the Demon Fox Tongs, the Double L's, Sociedad de a Cruz, the 5-Alarm Crew, and the Sons of Odin. Unknown to the gangs, they were about to become test subjects that fateful night. A man named Dharma orchestrated Mayor Thomasina Jefferson to order a sting operation by the police for the authorize use of Quantum Juice, an experimental nerve gas created by Doctor Nathan Flack, to subdue every gangbanger and arrest them. Unknown Mayor Jefferson, the tear gas had a deadlier and dangerous purpose. When the riot police unleashed the tear gas during the gang war, it almost killed everyone present (gang members, policemen, innocent bystanders, and animals) and mutated survivors who did not die. Those survived the tear gas and gained superpowers from it where dubbed Bang Babies. Dharma created the catalyst so that he could create heroes against an impending disaster.

    To keep the truth a secret, S.Y.S.T.E.M. sent SYSTEMatics to round-up any survivors for observation and experimentation at their headquarters. They managed to capture some, but most of them managed to escape their clutches. Even Mayor Jefferson covered up her involvement with plausible deniability and ordered a massive media blackout on television news, radio, and newspapers. And thus, a conspiracy was born.

    The truth took its time to be revealed when Bang Babies surfaced in the city and gained attention. Reporter Rob Chaplik interviewed the super-powered gang Blood Syndicate (survivors of what remained of both the Paris Island Bloods and Force Syndicate and merged together) at their home turf, The Factory, on Paris Island. The alien superhero Icon investigates Payback's testimony after he and his mercenaries were foiled in their attempt hold the mayor and city hall hostage.

    Most Bang Babies developed into super powered criminals, but it also produced some heroes. Besides the Blood Syndicate, Static proved to be the most heroic Bang Baby of them all. Since then, Bang Babies have become the city's problem.

    DC Comics

    In DC Comic's New 52, more Bang Babies were created in New York City by crime boss Piranha, under the Doctor Nemo's orders. However, most of these Bang Babies did not survive the destruction of Darkstar.

    Milestone Returns

    In Milestone Returns, the Big Bang has been retcon from a gang war between Dakota gangs to a Black Lives Matter protest.

    In Other Media

    In the Static Shock animated series, the general concept a gang war remains intact but only between Wade and F-Stop (before he rechristened himself as Hotstreak). Instead of Quantum Juice, its is only referred as "The Gas" because regular tear gas caused chemical containers to explode and cause the mutated birth of Bang Babies. That incident as been referred as "The Big Bang". Aside from gangbangers, innocent bystanders were also caught in the gas explosion. Edwin Alva Sr. of Alva Industries was the owner of the chemical containers that triggered the Big Bang (not Dharma and Doctor Nemo). Alva covers up the damage done to Dakota's youth.

    In the series finale "Power Outage", Ebon tries to trigger another Big Bang when all the Bang Babies in the city are being exposed to the cure for the mutagenic gas developed by Doctor Donald Todd of Genoma Tech. He steals the last gas canister and rounds up the remaining Bang Babies (Hotstreak, Talon, Shiv, Slipstream, Boom, Monster) onto an abandon ship down at the docks to regain their abilities like before and lead them to be a part of the Meta-Breed. With a brief interruption by Static and Gear, Hotstreak steals the canister for himself. Ebon eventually locates Hotstreak in a private cabin and the two fight over the canister. Their scuffle causes the canister to break onto the floor and trigger the second Big Bang onto the ship. Only Static, Gear, Ebon, and Hotstreak regained their metahuman abilities in tenfold (even causing Ebon and Hotstreak to merge into a giant monster sense those two were at the epicenter of the explosion). It is unknown if Talon or anyone else was re-exposed to the gas as the series came to an end.

    Known Bang Babies:

    From the Comic Books:

    From Static Shock Animated Series:

    • Richie Foley/Push/Gear
    • The Meta-Breed
      • Ivan Evans/Ebon (unknown)
      • Shiv (unknown)
      • Teresa/Talon (cured)
      • Kangorr (cured)
      • Carmen/Carmendillo
    • Mutant Amebo (destroyed
    • Dwayne McCall
    • Heavy C./Slipstream (unknown)
    • Meta Men:
      • Onyx
    • Edwin Alva Jr./Omnifarious
    • Johnny Morrow/Replay
    • Ragtag
    • Mirage
    • Maureen Connor/Permafrost
    • Royce Axelrod
    • Tamara Lawrence/Monster (unknown)
    • Rough Pact:
      • Hyde
      • Ferret (cured)
    • Madelyn Spaulding
    • Replikon
    • Allie Langford/Nails (cured)
    • The Leech
    • Nina Crocker/Timezone (changed her past, never became a Bang Baby)
    • The Nightbreed:
      • Nightingale/ Gale
    • Dule Jones
    • Troy/Chainlink

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