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Originally serialised in Scream! comic issues 1-5, 7-8, 10 and 12-14, and Scream! Holiday Special 1985, 1986 and 1987.

  • Library of Death - At Death's Door (Barrie Tomlinson - Cam Kennedy) (Scream! issue 1)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Mirror, Mirror! (unknown - Mike Western) (Scream! issue 4)
  • Library of Death - Spiders can't Scream! (John Agee - Ron Smith) (Scream! issue 2)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Too Good to Eat (unknown - Jose Casanovas) (Scream! issue 2)
  • Library of Death - The Drowning Pond (Brian Burrell - Vivas) (Scream! issue 3)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Green Fingers (unknown - John Richardson) (Scream! issue 3)
  • Library of Death - All done with Wires (Chris Lowder - Cam Kennedy) (Scream! issue 4)
  • Library of Death - The Punch and Judy Horror Show (James Nicholas - Brendan McCarthy) (Scream! issue 7)
  • Library of Death - Beware the Werewolf! (Simon Furman - Steve Dillon) (Scream! issue 8)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Goodbye Uncle George! (unknown - Brendan McCarthy) (Scream! issue 10)
  • A Ghastly Tale - The Final Cut! (unknown - Brendan McCarthy) (Scream! issue 12)
  • Library of Death - Terror of the Tomb (Simon Furman - Jose Casanovas) (Scream! issue 12)
  • Library of Death - Sea Beast! (part 1 and 2) (Simon Furman - Steve Parkhouse) (Scream! issues 13 and 14)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Getting Ahead (unknown - Luis Bermejo) (Scream! Holiday Special 1985)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Aunt Mary, Uncle Sid (unknown - John Richardson) (Scream! Holiday Special 1985)
  • New Neighbours! (Ian Rimmer/Barrie Tomlinson - Mike Western) (Scream! Holiday Special 1985)
  • Castle of Death (unknown - Geoff Senior) (Scream! Holiday Special 1986)
  • Tales of the Nightcomer - Feast of Fear! (Tom Tully - Dave Gibbons) (Scream! Holiday Special 1986)
  • A Ghastly Tale - This is Your Death (unknown - John Richardson) (Scream! Holiday Special 1986)
  • The Nightcomer - Mother Haggard's Helpers! (Tom Tully - Dave Gibbons) (Scream! Holiday Special 1986)
  • Spiders! (unknown - Ron Smith) (Scream! Holiday Special 1987)
  • Library of Death - A Break in the Country (Malcolm Shaw - T Coleman) (Scream! issue 5)
  • A Ghastly Tale - The Nightmare (unknown - John Cooper) (Scream! issue 5)
  • Fangs! (unknown - Keith Page) (Scream Holiday Special 1988)
  • A Ghastly Tale - Unlucky for Some (unknown - Trevor Goring) (Scream! issue 13)


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