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    Volume » Published by D.C. Thomson & Co.. Started in 1956.

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    The Beezer was a weekly British comic by D.C. Thomson that lasted from January 1956 to September 1990 when it merged with The Topper to create a new title The Beezer and Topper. The Beezer and Topper lasted another 3 years untill the title was discontuned and its more popular characters (most notable of which were Blinky and The Numskulls) moved to the pages of The Beano and The Dandy. Originally The Beezer was a large A3 tabloid size until it shrank to a normal British comic A4 size in 1981.

    In 1976, it absorbed Cracker, and issues 1079-1163 are titled The Beezer and Cracker, and are indexed here.

    Issues 1164-1206 go back to being titled The Beezer.

    In 1979, it absorbed Plug, and issues 1207-1314 are titled The Beezer and Plug, and are indexed here.

    Issues 1315-1809 return to being titled The Beezer.


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