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Season four of Angel

The Beast is a character that first appeared  in season four of Angel.  He dug himself out of the ground at the same ground that Conner (Angel's Son) was born  on.   Cordelia and Conner were there at the time and Conner attacked the Beast and was quickly defeated.  The Beast also attacked Wolfram and Hart and killed every member of the Los Angeles branch, including the creature that inhabited the white room.  He is later killed by Angelus, with the only weapon that could kill him.  It was part of his horn that he had cut off and given to his master, Cordelia.



The Beast is strong enough that his punches could cause Faith to go flying several feet.  He's bent an axe with his bare hands, and can casually toss humans around.


The Beast's skin is made of Rock and has easily withstood punches from Faith, Angel , and Conner with no damage.  Can deflect arrows with his skin and can withstand gunshots with no Damage.  The only thing that could pierce his skin is his own flesh.


During a battle with the Beast, Wesley and Fred cast a spell dumping the Beast into another dimension.  After the portal closed, The Beast reappeared behind the group unfazed.

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