The Beast #1

    The Beast » The Beast #1 - Bad Karma released by Marvel on May 1997.

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    While leaving a local pub Beast is mentally controlled by Karma. She leads Beast to infiltrate the Hellfire Club to find the whereabouts of her siblings. Eventually she loses her concentration and Beast is released from her control. Back at the mansion, Karma explains that the X-Men would not help her if she had asked.

    Meanwhile, Viper has hired Spiral to help her get her vengeance on Karma. Spiral sends a telepathic message to Karma telling her that her brother and sister are in Spiral's Body Shop. The next step: Bring Karma to Viper.

    Beast tries to help find them by using Cerebro but to no avail. Just as Beast, Cannonball and Karma are figuring on their next move to get the children the perimeter alarm sounds and they all meet Spiral on the grounds. She makes quick work of Karma and Cannonball but Beast manages to slow her down with his supreme maneuverability.

    Spiral is not deterred and teleports away to Karma and Cannonball and teleports them back to the Body Shop.....but not before Beast dives in to join them on their trip.



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    This Made Me Blue 0

    A good friend of mine found himself disinterested in keeping his individual issues of comics anymore, strictly reading volumes now (as I tend to, but I wasn't about to pass off free comics!). However, despite him saying that this was a fav mini-series of his back in the day, I have to wonder if that's really the case.This is a pretty old series, dating back to 1997, and it shows, obviously, through the art, writing, etc., and not in a good way. Beyond Beast, the characters here aren't very well...

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    The Beast: Limited Mini Series (1997) 0

    Year Purchased:   1997Reason for Purchase: I was a big X-Men fan and at this time, I was picking up anything X-Men related.  The fact that Beast had his own limited mini series was a plus.Read when Purchased: I don't think so.Found in Box: The Box consisting of mostly limited mini-series.Plot: Former New Mutant, Karma, enlists Beast and Cannonball to help her rescue her twin siblings from Spiral and Viper.  It's all a plan by Viper to get revenge on Karma because of how her brother screwed over ...

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