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In 1908 Tunguska, Russia, after years of searching, the Deathwalkers unearthed the Talisman of Kamar-Taj and could finally cast a spell that would end humanity. The Deathwalkers only needed a sacrifice. But it had to be a worthy sacrifice. Half human, half beast. Greater than both. The Bear was the first attempt. The Deathwalkers put near every ounce of magic they had into creating her. Too much, perhaps, for they say they felt the shock waves as far away as London. (see Tunguska Event) Too much of the bestial, primal nature. And, of course, too much humanity and freedom. The Bear swore from her first moment of awareness that no one would take her freedom away from her. The Bear escaped into the night shrouded woods. The Deathwalkers survived and, still wanting her to be their sacrifice, ambushed her in her home some years later. Only at this point, she had become acquainted with explosives and she wasn't home so they received a rather unpleasant surprise.


The Bear was created by Dale Eaglesham and Kieron Gillen and first appeared in Iron Man v5 #10.

Major Story Arcs

The Stark Seven

Years later, The Bear was recruited by Howard Stark to rescue an alien android from a a group of Grey alien casino owners. The android, 451, would have the capability of saving the life of his unborn son, Anthony Stark. Stark brought together a group which included the Bear, Jimmy Woo, Nessa the Kitten, "Dum Dum" Dugan, "Thunderbolt" Ross, Rollo the Gray, and himself. The Bear was responsible for making the explosion which took out the restraints holding the robot. All the Bear wanted in return was to be paid enough to be kept in gin for her and dog food for her pets. 451 assists in curing Tony's illness in utero and then advises Howard that the Grays must be dealt with and taken out before word can be put out that the child exists and others come looking for him. Howard gathers his group together, including The Bear, and returns to the Grays' casino. The Bear detonates two explosives and tries to exit via the elevator but a Gray throws a grenade in. The grenade goes off killing The Bear's two shiba inus. The Bear herself is barely unscathed but very angered as she shifts into her were-bear form and attacks the Gray, killing him. The Bear then joins back up with Howard and 451 as they go after the casino owner, finishing him off as well as the rest of his lackeys.

The Original Mighty Avengers

On the evening of November 7, 1972 in New York, NY, officer James Lucas responded to a murder scene in which the victim was half-man/half-bat. Constance Molina, an acquaintance and tabloid reporter on the freak beat, advised Lucas of a doctor who might know what the creature was, a doctor Adam Brashear. Arriving at the city morgue, Lucas, Molina and Brashear walked in on a fight between Kaluu and Blade. Kaluu was able to identify the origin of the creature but stated it wasn't strong enough to serve any purpose. It was then that The Bear entered the morgue and explained that it was she who killed the were-bat but she also believed it was too weak to be a sacrifice. It was then that Constance Molina called them all the Mighty Avengers. The group went after the Deathwalkers and stopped them from performing their next true sacrifice. Afterwards, Lucas gradually cut off all contact with each of his 'teammates' because he felt he didn't belong in their world.

The Bear has yet to be seen in modern times. It is unknown if she is living, deceased, or aged or if she does age.


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