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    The Beacon

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    Dr. Julia Gardner

    Julie Gardener discovered the crystal after it fell to Earth. By holding it in her hand. Julie could summon up whatever powers she desired. She realized that with the crystal, she could be invincible or even immortal.

    During the Criss-Cross Crisis she met The Beacon on Earth B and the two drew the energy from similar stars to prevent two Earths from colliding.

    After the Round Table of America was disbanded, Cyclone crippled, the Knight Watchman retired and The Blitz missing in action. The Hall of Heroes became a museum. Julie Gardener moved to Capitol City to become its curator.

    When The Sub-Human returned to exterminate the Round Table after a humiliating defeat many years ago, he shattered The Beacon's crystal, causing Julia to die soon after.


    Both Beacons used alien Ko-Dan power crystals as a weapon. The crystals emit different colours for different actions:

    • Red - Absorb energy
    • Green - Superstrength
    • Yellow - Defense

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