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The Riddler...Won?!

Riddler has always has always left clues for Batman and Batman almost always solves his riddles, but is there a time where he didn't actully solve one of Nigma's riddles? is there a time when Riddler "wins" by outwitting Batman? Well, this comic answers that question!

Writing & the Sub-Antagonists

The story in this issue is pretty good and fits this kids comic. All the characters have interesting lines which make this story enertaining to read. Another reason this comic is enertaining are the sub-antagonists. These are the smaller, easier to handle badguys who are overshadowed by Riddler and his storyline. Mastermind, Perfesser (not a spelling error) and Mr. Nice are three villains who up the sub-villains of this issue. They are the ones who are also trying to steal that gold eagle thing you can see on the cover. All of them are nice animated villains (they would really be nice in an actual episode of the show this is based on). I mean, Mr. Nice actully gives some guards some of the money he was stealing, Mastermind brought his own handcuffs, and Perfesser? Well, he looks on as his goons are being pumiled. So, I must say these would be perfect kids show villains.

The Art

I must say I like the art. I very much prefer this version of the animated Riddler to the redesign where he doesn't have any hair (say! its just like the reboot!). They did a great job on this comic art-wise as well! (the only cover of this series which actually looks pretty good)

Riddler's part of the Story

I won't say anything, because i might ruin the story, but I will say that this part of the story is really about Riddler's goons and their attempts to cheer up Riddler and to get him to win just for once. You really don't see Riddler goones all that much, so its also interesting to see them!


This is a good issue and I recommend it!

Yes, did!
Yes, did!

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