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Several Gotham city tech businesses have been destroyed by arson. The arsonist is a crook named Firefly, who uses heat lazers and a highly advanced jetpack. He shows up and fights against Batman.

Rest of the episode:

Fly manages to escape.

Gothcorp (a rotten company) is trying to get the charity work that Bruces father started. They might succeed, because Bruce is regarded as a good for nothing playboy. Bruce intends to get Gotham council to change their minds about it. He`s given a chance to do so. He has to be at a meeting, 8 o` clock. Sharp.

Firefly is committing arson again, at a law firm. Doesn`t make sense, since it doesn`t fit to rest of the arsons. Bruce goes to meet him. He uses a Bat glider.

There`s a dog fight between the two. Fly wins. Batman passes out.

He wakes up the next morning. He is going to be late from the meeting.

And he is. Ten minutes. The council has made its decision. Bruce loses.

He`s bummed out.

Suddenly, he realizes something. The reason why all of Fireflys victims haven`t been tech corps, is because Gothcorp is driving them to bancrupty. By criminal means, of course. They hired Firefly to do their dirty work.

Bruce cooks up a trap. He announces that Wayne foundation is going to go public with something revolutionizing. Firefly is ordered to do what he does.

On the Wayne building, Gothams guardian is awaiting. He has a jetpack of his own now. Equal to that of Flys. Another aerial duel ensues. Batsys pack is damaged, and he drives Fly down. Then there`s a short hand-to-hand battle. Fly has no chance.

The police finds him later on, hanging from a girder.

Gothcorp faces the law now, and the charity work is given back to Wayne enterprises.



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