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A mysterious woman in a cat suit brakes in to a Chinese gangsters house and attempts to steal a Jade statue. She fails, and has to run away.

Rest of the episode:

The mobster wants her dead.

This so called Catwoman wants to meet Batman, and fight him. They do. She turns out to be more than a handful when she steals his utility belt, and a remote controlled Batarang. Batsy must make sure to get the belt back before she uses it for her own purposes.

Back to the Batcave he goes, to figure this thing out. In her apartment, Selina Kyle/Catwoman is trying to unlock the belts functions. She winds up remote controlling the Batbot, without her knowledge. It goes rampant on the cave.

Batman fights against it, and is losing. Catwoman accidentally shuts it down.

Then she starts up the Batmobile, which drives away. Bruce goes after it, driving the Batcycle. He takes control of the car after a leghty chase.

He returns to Batcave, where Alfred has removed all the Bat wave receivers (a transmitting wave from the bat computer) from all the gadgets. Except one. The stolen Batarang. Bruce traces the signal back to it, to find the villainess.

She`s gone back to the Yakuza mobsters home, where she aims to steal the statue. She is surprised by the mobster, and ninjas. There`s a battle. Batman joins in, and the two workas a dynamic duo to beat the martial artists. During the fight the statue is smashed, and a mini disc is found inside of it. It contains all kind of information about the mobsters criminal activities.

Batman takes the disc (which he drops of to the police), and Catwoman scrams.

The episode ends with banter between Bruce and Alfred.



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