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A meeting between three crime bosses whose operations have been vanguished by Batman takes place. They are joined by a man who is supposed to be able to beat Batman.

Rest of the episode:

Bruce is in the Batcave, working on something.

Somewhere in Gotham, a van transporting money is attacked by the mysterious criminal seen in the intro.

Suddenly the Batcomputer announces of this destructive activity. Bats gets on the scene.

The detective protagonists, Bennett and Yindell, decide to do the same.

Batman meets the man, who starts to fight against him. He`s clearly no match for Batman. Until he turns a nub in his suit, that is. Suddenly, the man grows to huge proportions, his muscles doing the same. He tells Batsy his super name, Bane, and pummels him.

After the caped crusader has been severely injured, Bane decides to leave it at that, because obviously Batman is incabable to do anything meaningful anymore. He goes away.

The detectives arrive, and Batman hides from them. When it`s safe to do so, Alfred picks Batman up.

The two police officers glamor at the Batmobile. Bruce pushes a button, and it dashes off via auto pilote. Alfred drives away. He aims to take Bruce to the hospital. When he sees loads of cops on the site, he changes his mind.

Later in the cave, Alf starts to patch Buce up.

Then there`s lashback to the day Bruces parents were killed (in it, we see a younger James Gordon). It isn`t said out loud, but is implied.

Three weeks go by, Bane has terrorized Gotham all that time, while Bruce has layed on his bed immobile, healing. He doesn`t want to, anymore. Alfred tells him that Batman needs to be no more, so Bruce Wayne can live his own life.

Bruce doesn`t think the same. He starts to work on something with what to defeat Bane. Alfred tells him that he will leave, if Bruce is too stubborn and foolish to go on with this Batman-crap. Then Alf changes his mind, and helps his adopted son to build a new play thing.

A few hours later, Bane is on it again. Yindell valiantly tries to stop him, but doesn`t last a minute. Batman intervenes in a new exo-suit (Batbot), before the villain kills Yindell. Bennett gets to the scene, and watches the battle afar, while calling an ambulance for Yindell.

There`s a brawl between the two. Bane has the upper hand.

But whattayaknow? Batman manages to beat the Mexican marauder, and Gotham is relatively safe for some time, once again.

Yindell is later seen in a hospital with Bennett. Wayne is later seen in the Batcave, looking much better now, without casts. He goes back to the streets of Gotham, and tries not to make sudden moves, because his body still aches a bit. Good for him, thinks Alfred.



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