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It is unknown where The Basher came from, but it can be assumed he obtained his name due to his violent nature and desire to fight anyone who he disagrees with or dislikes.


The Basher was created by Bob Burden for his series, the Flaming Carrot.

Major Story Arcs

Death Gets Drunk

While visiting his local bar he winds up meeting members of the Mel Toupee Gang who've been hanging around with Death in an attempt to get him drunk and harm him. While they discuss how much he's had to drink and how he isn't affected in the slightest The Basher overhears them, claiming that nobody can actually be that tough. He confronts Death and shouts at him, saying that he doesn't like his face. This aggressive attitude causes Death to use his reality warping abilities on The Basher and he removes his hands.

This action sends The Basher into a panic as he screams about his hands, wondering where they could've gone to. While he looks down his sleeve in an attempt to find one of his hands Death makes the hand reappear, thus causing The Basher to punch himself in the face. This sends The Basher into a daze and amuses Death; however, Basher just believes this to be some sort of hypnotism. He then gathers everyone in the bar and threatens Death again, who then summons a large bull to tear the bar apart and attack it's customers.


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