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The Bash Street Pups appeared in the comic strip Pup Parade, which debuted in No.1326 of The Beano

in 1967. The run ended in 1988, until the strip reappeared in The Topper the following year.


The gang were drawn by Gordon Bell.

Team Evolution

Each member of the Bash Street Pups is alike to their owners in both looks and personality. Their leader is Bones who is Danny's pet dog. They all live in a knocked over dustbin in an allyway despite all being individually owned by a Bash Street Kid.

The Bash Street Pups aren't the only anthropomorphic group based on the Bash Street Kids. The Bash Street Bugs, Cats and Birds have all made appearances in various publications like the Beano Book and Beano Summer Specials.


The various members and their corresponding owners are as follows:

  • Bones - belongs to Danny.
  • Sniffy - belongs to Smiffy.
  • Manfred - belongs to Wilfred.
  • Pug - belongs to Plug.
  • Blotty - belongs to Spotty.
  • Peeps and Wiggy - belong to Toots and Sidney.
  • Tubby - belongs to Fatty.
  • 'Enry - belongs to 'Erbert

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