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The Basanos in human form
The Basanos in human form

The Basanos are a tarot deck created by the Angel known as Meleos, whom destiny of the endless allowed to copy from his book. Meleos imprisoned them in a wooden chest and locked them away but soon they would escape and when he tried to destroy them, they made a hole in the middle of his head which even he could not heal, and only brought him misery. Lucifer punished him for this by destroying all the knowledge he'd acquired over the years in the form of a powerful plague that erased all the words from his books, creating a sea of ink. Later, the cards would possess Jill Presto, a young Magicians assistant afterward they would rape her bringing forth the birth of Noema.

Powers and Abilities

The Basanos have the power to show the past, present, and future of any event, anything, and anyone. thus nothing can surprise it. it can alter reality on a powerful scale, but need a human host to focus all that enormous power, thus severely limiting its actual power.


Brought on the future deaths of four men early.

A gesture from it killed two servants of the thunder god.

Created a huge disaster to destroy a future earth in another creation where it is weaker.

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