The Baby God

    Character » The Baby God appears in 7 issues.

    An infant Many-Angled One with xenomorphic attributes who was worshipped by the Universal Church of Truth as a God and used Moondragon as a host until it could be properly contained and sent back into the Cancerverse.

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    The Orison Gambit

    After The Luminals returned from an unauthorized mission into The Fault one of their members, a female powerhouse named Massdriver, went insane and began attacking Moondragon without rhyme or reason. As Moondragon was calling for backup, Massdriver grabbed Moondragon and came to a jarring halt as her cranium "bloomed" opened.

    From within Massdriver's body, a newly hatched infant xenomorphic alien of extradimensional origin emerged and pinned Moondragon to the floor using Massdriver's arms while the creature tried to take refuge inside of Moondragon's body. Using her telekinetic abilities, Moondragon threw Massdriver's corpse and the alien off of her and tried to contain it within a TK Field.

    However, the creature's presence had been sensed by nearly every member of the fanatical Universal Church of Truth who were currently present on Knowhere attempting to recruit new patrons to the Church. Due to their belief that The Fault is a gateway to paradise, they believed the creature to be a God and due to their overexcited reactions and attempts to get a look at the entity Moondragon failed in keeping the creature contained.

    Upon escaping the so-called "Divine Being" tore off the head of one of the Church's followers, which they believed was the creature's way of blessing them with it's benediction, and so the followers of The Church remained motionless while the monster ate head after head as it made its way through the crowd in an attempt to make Cynosure it's host instead.

    Knowing that Cynosure was nowhere near experienced enough to house a telepathic parasite of this caliber inside her body without her brain turning to mush, Moondragon pushed her way past The Universal Church of Truth's followers and tore the entity off of Cynosure and let it take refuge within her.

    After the creature had crawled its way up through her nasal passages and nestled up inside her womb, Moondragon was quarantined inside Knowhere's infirmary, where Star-Lord visited her shortly after. During their discussion, it was learned that Moondragon was being forced to use nearly all of her psychic abilities just to keep the creature calm and could only read surface thoughts as a result.

    However, with the creature inside of her and at such close range she was able to learn that the entity had come from The Cancerverse, the same dark and twisted parallel universe that Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) had recently visited when he ventured into The Fault on a data-gathering mission, and that it's home was a place in which Life had won and Death had lost.

    The Luminals soon interrupted Star-Lord and Moondragon's conversation and expressed their desire to have the entity removed from Moondragon's body so that it could be put on trial for murdering Massdriver. Despite Star-Lord's protests, Cynosure used Biometric Cuffs to genetically bind herself to Moondragon, thus allowing her to be within close proximity of the creature all the time.

    Later, when Drax went to go visit Moondragon in the infirmary he found The Matriarch, a Cardinal and several UCT followers in the process of kidnapping Moondragon and Cynosure. Despite his attempts to stop them, The Matriarch used her telepathic abilities to force Drax into submission.

    After he had been taken care of, The Matriarch and her accomplices teleported to the planet Orison where they would use the power of their faith to send Moondragon into labor and shortly after The Baby God's bloody birth would then go on to sacrifice Orison's nine billion inhabitants, all of whom were members of The Universal Church of Truth, to it thus allowing The Baby God to progress its own evolution into something far more terrifying.

    The Orison Gambit, as the incident was referred to, was eventually foiled by a rescue mission being co-coordinated by The Guardians of the Galaxy and every single full, reserve, retired, substitute, sidekick and honorary member of The Luminals. However, due to its exposure to the power of The Universal Church of Truth's belief engines, The Baby God remained in an agitated state of mind and was still trying to make Moondragon birth it.

    However, when a vision of Phyla-Vell appeared before her and told her to hold on, Moondragon found the strength to overwhelm The Baby God's telepathic abilities and force it back into a calmer state of mind. Sometime later The Baby God was safely removed from Moondragon's wound and was placed in a containment unit.

    The Baby God was then teleported into The Fault and was last seen struggling to get out of the containment unit as it spun and tumbled its way across The Cancerverse.


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