The Aviator

    Character » The Aviator appears in 10 issues.

    An early 20th century adventurer, he fought unknown things and black technolories, simply to learn of them.

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    The Aviator was an adventurer of the earlier 20th century. He was an excellent pilot and allied himself with other people also adventurers who had fought strange menaces.

    When he and his companions built a computer capable of create universes mapping the reality and searching ways to recreate and make the world a better place, an alternate universe rift was opened, and a group of metahumans came through, determined to save their world by destroying the one from the Aviator. The Aviator and most of his teammates died stopping them.

    The character is based in G-8, an heroic ace pilot and spy from the WW1 and protagomnist of seveal pulp fiction novels, his stories were often outlandish, with many supernatural or science fiction elements. G-8's true identity was never revealed.


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