Will The 'Skrulls' Team Up With 'Loki' In 'The Avengers' Movie?

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Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

One of the questions on everyone's minds are whether or not the Skrulls will be an integral part of the plot in Joss Whedon's upcoming Avengers movie. In fact, if you've sat in and listened to our Comic Vine podcast, it's a subject that had been brought up on more than one occasion. Of the entire cast of characters in the upcoming movie, actor Tom Hiddleston who plays 'Loki' in 'Thor' and will be reprising the role in Whedon's 'The Avengers,' has been asked whether or not he will be getting a little bit of help from the alien shape shifters in the upcoming film.

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So, will the Skrulls make an appearance? At the premiere of Tom Hiddleston's new film, The Deep Blue Sea, the actor was asked by a fan if there will in fact be Skrulls in the upcoming movie, to which Hiddleston responded (smiling) "no comment." Certainly a "no comment" is a little bit better than a straight "no" answer. However, this isn't the first time that Hiddleston shied away from answering the question. In an interview late last week with MTV, the actor was asked whether or not Loki would be "getting some help" in the upcoming film; his response during the interview was a little bit more in depth. The video interview with his response is below; however if you live outside of the United States, you may not be able to watch it so we've transcribed the quote for you.

== TEASER ==

" Loki has help, but obviously, because if Thor can beat Loki on his own at the end of 'Thor' [movie] then surely, logically, does it take eight of them [The Avengers team] to beat him this time? But there is also evolution to Loki as well; he's more self possessed he's more menacing, and I think he knows if the Loki in Thor was about a "spiritual confusion," meaning, "who am I, where do I belong in this world," the Loki in 'The Avengers' is "I know exactly who I am and I am going to make this world belong to me."

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Hiddleston was then asked whether avid fans (or "fanboys") will be pleased when they find out the "extent of the villainy," and whether it will be rewarding for people who have read the comics, to which Hiddleston, smiling broadly, gave a strong nod.

While we don't want to speculate too much, it is fun to wonder whether or not the 'Skrulls' will make an appearance in the upcoming film. But either way, as long as the movie is good, that's all we care about.

What do you think? Do you think that we'll see Skrulls in Whedon's 'The Avengers'? Is that something you would like to see?

Source: MTV

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#1 Posted by SensitivePsych0 (505 posts) - - Show Bio

I really hope the skrulls aren't in this movie, i just can't stand them. I'll take Loki by himself please, unless you come up with another good character to help him. Good article though

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#2 Posted by Or35ti (1133 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it'll probably be the Chitauri from the Ultimate Universe. Green aliens are too cliche for this day and age.

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#3 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (11584 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Skrulls could be cool but it depends how they introduce them in the film

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#4 Posted by sueesidale (22 posts) - - Show Bio

could teh skrulls make the film way more confuseing then it already will be

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#5 Posted by .Mistress Redhead. (26773 posts) - - Show Bio

Would be cool to see them. Hopefully if they appear they don't look ridiculous...

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#6 Edited by Mr. Kamikaze (834 posts) - - Show Bio

I am pretty sure we'll see Skrulls, after a certain amount of spoilers, it seems rather likely. In the comics (at least in the Ultimates...don't know about 616, i'm not old... o.O) Loki did call upon hordes of Asgard (or some weird green things...I dont remember) to siege Manhattan, maybe in place of those Asgardian hordes, we get Aliens from outer space! Which can't be too out there, considering Loki apparently has his hands on a magical block that...does magical, destructive stuff. It is a nice mix of fantasy and science though, which seems to be what were going for in Thor, at least. Plus, it seems odd that they would assemble a team of super heroes to do what Thor already done did on his own. If not Skrulls, then some otherworldly and numerous threat, I suppose.

Also, Mr. Hiddleston is quite the handsome man....

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#7 Posted by TheMess1428 (2211 posts) - - Show Bio

How about Dr. Doom instead of the Skrulls???

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#8 Posted by jordama (4701 posts) - - Show Bio

Skrulls seem like such a big concept to tackle in the film. If it was made just for fanboys I would have no doubt, but the mainstream, not so much.

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#9 Posted by Nefilim927 (449 posts) - - Show Bio

Well I mean if not the Skrulls, who else do you think it could be? It seems like it would have to be some sort of "cosmic" threat to require the combined forces of Earth's heroes but nothing too extreme that might fail in the movies...Also they could just only begin a Skrull saga here and not necessarily go into the sleeper agents on earth in the first movie...I'm not sure what else could fit this part of the equation but I'm open for some suggestions...Kang mayhaps??

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#10 Posted by Red Rum (390 posts) - - Show Bio

In my head, the movie Skrulls look more like the Xenomorphs fro Aliens. And they shape-shift by shedding their current form like Dial HUSK from Amalgam Comics.

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#11 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheMess1428: Dr.Doom is owned by FOX, which sucks.. we need some Skrulls!!!

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#12 Posted by pspin (1081 posts) - - Show Bio

Somethink tell me that if it is skrulls, they won't be called skrulls. I doubt that the mainstream audience would accept that well, they will probably pull an Incredible Hulk with it where there is a passing quote but no direct referances. I also cant see Cap or Iron Man be fighing in NYC and be "Oh no it's the skrulls!" who ever they are saving might just want to wait for the next guy instead of the guy talking about skrulls.

I have faith that whatever Joss Whedon thinks of will be awesome.

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#13 Posted by Shadowdoggy (3868 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope they are involoved, they're classic Marvel. Shape-shifting aliens trying to take over the world? Love it.

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#14 Posted by Bobcat14 (25 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs & @Doctor!!! Aren't the skrulls also owned by FOX given that they are Rebooting the F4 Franchise. I wonder why anyone else has brought this up?

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#15 Posted by LordRequiem (1361 posts) - - Show Bio

I've read lots of speculation about Thanos appearing. If these words be true t'wud be immense. Instead of the skrulls obviously. However, Tom Hiddleston has proven he can hold his own in a villainous role, brilliantly might I add, so I wouldn't mind if he had no help at all and just utilised the cosmic cube. We all know the consequences of (new phrase coined here) "Too-many-bad-guys syndrome" from which a few choice superhero films have suffered.

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#16 Posted by TheMess1428 (2211 posts) - - Show Bio

@Doctor!!!!! said:

@TheMess1428: Dr.Doom is owned by FOX, which sucks.. we need some Skrulls!!!

Unless Fantastic Four 3 comes out or a remake, they go back to Marvel and Disney. Then we can get some good FF movies.

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#17 Posted by Bobcat14 (25 posts) - - Show Bio

@ LordRwquiem I've also heard the rumors about Thanos and would make alot more sence than the skrulls. Also given that Marvel does want to make a Guardians o/t Galaxy film later on. Cosmic is the Way to go.

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#18 Posted by Deadcool (6941 posts) - - Show Bio

Tom is awesome....

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#19 Posted by Bobcat14 (25 posts) - - Show Bio

@ TheMess1428 Agreed! The FF has so much potential but FOX has done a piss poor job with them.

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#20 Posted by Burnstar1230 (232 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, there was a picture of Cap using his shield to block an attack from a guy in a Motion Capture Suit, so whoever it is, probably won't be human, but at least 'human sized'. I don't really care who it is as long as there is a reason why they're helping Loki instead of just being his cannon fodder.

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#21 Posted by NightwalkerRevan (124 posts) - - Show Bio

@pspin: I think this is a possibility, they might well appear in some form, but they might not be called Skrulls in the film, just like the aliens in Cowboys & Aliens weren't called aliens through that film.

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#22 Posted by Larkin1388 (1826 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope the Skrulls are in the Avengers.

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#23 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow you are really persistent with the skrulls thing, you have to love them

PD: I don't read Marvel :P but I know who they are (I read power pack year one ^_^)

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#24 Posted by EndlessKnight (433 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally, I'd prefer to see The Avengers take on Loki and the scourge of telemarketing.  The telemarketers could be Skrulls though.  I'd accept that.

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#25 Posted by SeanNOLA (75 posts) - - Show Bio

IF the Skrulls pop up in The Avengers movie, it will be after the credits. There's just going to be too much going on already between forming the team, fighting Loki, and inevitably resurrecting Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube to add - not just another super villain, but and entire race of super villains!

It's only a 3 hour movie, folks! It can't have everything!

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#26 Posted by mickoreo_LZ (252 posts) - - Show Bio

The Skrulls, although they should be in the film seeing as how they're an integral part of Marvel villainry, would be really tough to incorporate into the movie. There's a lot of things that have to happen in this movie already, and I just don't see how there would be time to implement the Skrulls in a believable and proper way. I'd rather no Skrulls than half-assed Skrulls any day of the week

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#27 Posted by Doombert (579 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh how I wish our large purple universe crushing gauntlet weilding mad titan were in this...transmuting people into butterflies and then eating them. B-)

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#28 Posted by GTG12 (1584 posts) - - Show Bio

in the canceled avengers game all of the avengers fight scrulls. Look it up on youtube it was cancelled in alpha-stage.

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#29 Posted by AxDn0123 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

the "behind the scenes" images that has been showed up, to all of us, show a bunch of army guys, maybe aren't the Skrulls, but we gotta think, in other teams that could be., idk, the brood?

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#30 Posted by SexualLobster (995 posts) - - Show Bio

@Burnstar1230: probably the hulk dude.

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#31 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@Larkin1388 said:

I hope the Skrulls are in the Avengers.

Me Too =/

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#32 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

I've just always associated the Skrulls as being more of more nemeses of the FF rather than Avengers, so for me it wouldn't matter one way or another whether they appear in the upcoming movie. If they do, then all the better a story I say!

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#33 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

Skrulls? Meh. Now the Kree? Let's give them a shot.

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#34 Posted by vandinejd_1991 (508 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally I don't want to see the skrulls. The whole alien invasion thing has been done way too much in the movies for me. What I think would be awesome is loki starting his own masters of evil with him being the foe for thor, red skull (remember red skull's fascination with norse mythology in the first avenger. the avengers could have him working side by side with a norse god) for captain america, crimson dynamo for iron man, and the abomination or the leader for the hulk. I don't know if hawkeye or black widows have any villains of their own to fight.

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#35 Posted by ssejllenrad (13111 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gambit1024 said:

Skrulls? Meh. Now the Kree? Let's give them a shot.

I like this idea... :D

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#36 Posted by AlKusanagi (732 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty sure they're in there. It would explain why we've seen shots of Avengers fighting Captain America.

My only question is: Will there be Skrull Beatles?

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#37 Posted by Namor1987 (2096 posts) - - Show Bio

No comment means yes. End of discussion

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#38 Posted by difficlus (10659 posts) - - Show Bio

I think they will. and i trust Whedon to do them correctly...

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#39 Posted by The Impersonator (8294 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait to see the Avengers movie!

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#40 Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge (1363 posts) - - Show Bio

I doubt that a Norse God will team up ALIENS....

If I had to guess....he'll be assembling his own team....THE MASTERS OF EVIL

OR....recruit HYDRA and bring back THE RED SKULL.

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#41 Posted by SneakyBawls (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I would prefer it be just the same as it is in the Avengers #1. Loki fools Hulk with magic to fight against the Avengers before he realizes he's been duped. Skrulls would take way too much time to explain to the uninformed masses...But I trust Whedon.

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#42 Posted by RedHush1 (162 posts) - - Show Bio

Well If this is suppose to be like the first time the Avengers meet shouldn't this be the time where Loki takes over hulk? -.-

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#43 Posted by CATPANEXE (9505 posts) - - Show Bio

If they're in it, I can guess that it will pretty much be as the canon fodder opponents for The Avengers and not much else, much as the duplicate Iron Mongers were in Iron Man 2, the Frost Giants in Thor, ect.

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#44 Edited by Maki_P (296 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, for all we know the Skrulls have been in there since Iron Man

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#45 Posted by leokearon (1970 posts) - - Show Bio

According to Whedon, he is creating a new villian for the movie

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#46 Posted by Carolina574 (190 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the skrulls will be in the movie and the only reason I say that is because Marvel is notorious for almost syncing their movies with what they have going on in their comics, such as launching invincible iron man the comic when the movie came out and making steve rogers captain america when it came out. I know its not a comic, but if you watch the Avengers show on Disney XD then you saw at the end of the first season their next arc will include the skrulls. I can see them using that to familiarize audiences with it a little bit before the movie releases. 

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#47 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably multiple unrelated threats, which will convince the world there's a need for a team such as the Avengers!

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#48 Posted by Jake Fury (21943 posts) - - Show Bio

Herr Kleiser SAVE US!

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#49 Posted by Shadowdoggy (3868 posts) - - Show Bio

@leokearon said:

According to Whedon, he is creating a new villian for the movie

really? I hadn't heard about that....

@RedHush1 said:

Well If this is suppose to be like the first time the Avengers meet shouldn't this be the time where Loki takes over hulk? -.-

that's what I was thinking. And if I'm not mistaken, the initial reports when the movie was first getting shopped around were that Hulk was a villain in the movie.

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#50 Posted by Prizm (52 posts) - - Show Bio

I think brining the Skrull into this is a bit too much. What I would do is bring back Hydra and hopefully the Red Skull.

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