The inherent flaw of a Cinematic Universe?

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By now most of us have probably heard the news that came out a couple of days ago about how when Robert Downey Jr tires of playing Tony Stark Marvel studios will just pull a James Bond and recast him. In my opinion this would be an absolutely horrible idea and would almost destroy everything the Cinematic universe has been to this point. This also shows the flaw with a Cinematic Universe. Unlike comics, the actors age and have other careers, they cant play them forever. And when the time comes when all of the Avengers have left their roles it will be much harder for them to recast or reboot because of how established the shared universe has become. The cinematic Universe cant pull off a recast like the old Batman movies did for example. Those movies shared certain elements but were all truly different takes on the character. So much so in fact that I have a hard time believing the Burton films and the Schuemaker films share a universe even though they shared an Alfred. In fact I truly believe that they dont. Even then when the two movies that for sure shared a universe (Forever and Batman and Robin) recast Batman it was absolutely terrible and neither audiences or critics could get behind it.

This universe that Marvel studios is creating is awesome and I cant wait to see how it progresses but it has a lifespan. Recasting characters has already happened in the universe with Rhodey and Bruce Banner. These recastings were huge sources of controversy and while I havent seen Ruffalos Banner, I personally cant take the new Rhodey as seriously as the old one, it just doesnt feel right and was one of my main problems with Iron Man 2. But with these two characters it was possible to recast without too much harm to the integrity of the Universe since Rhodey was a supporting character and Bruce Banner never really interacted with other major characters like Iron Man and Cap. However the second all these characters share the screen in the Avengers recasting them will be almost impossible to pull off. No one will buy a new Iron Man talking with the same Captain America and take it as seriously as they could have otherwise. It destroys the illusion of a shared universe.

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I don't mind it, to be honest.

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where did they report this??

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I already figured that's what they'd do, and I really don't mind. It's necessary if the Marvel Cinematic Universe is to continue on. I don't flip out when James Bond gets recast. I mean, sure there will probably be certain actors I'll refer to as my favorite for each character, but that's just normal. I want the universe to continue on, because they'll eventually get to adapt some pretty great stories from the comics, and to see what they've been building on for several years end just because actors are getting old would be a shame.

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Having seen ruffalos hulk I would like to say not to worry in his case he is easily best hulk I have seen in the avengers. As for the filmverse yeah it will spawn issues if actors get bored of their roles. But the avengers draws strength from the actors not being new to roll ( bar ruffalos hulk who as I said above was solid anyways)

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Honestly, it's eventual and it's going to happen. We can't do anything about it. Personally, I can't see anyone succeeding RDJ as Tony Stark but it will happen and we have to accept it.

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Yeah I also don't really mind. In the cinematic universe, people don't come to see Bruce Banner. They come to see the Hulk. That type of recasting doesn't bother me. Tony Stark on the other hand is a pretty big deal and probably more prominent in the cinematic universe than his Iron Man counterpart. But it is inevitable that RDJ will give up the role and that a remake will ensue. As long as it's good I don't mind if it's different.

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I agree completely with this post
The cinematic universe is a bad idea in general, there is no question to the Thor sequel of "can Thor get back to earth for the woman he loves"....we already saw him come back, also there is going to be too many characters that don't get development due to large casts

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@The_Tree: The big difference between this and James Bond is that like the Batman films that I mentioned the continuity between the films isnt as solid as it is in the Marvel cinematic universe. Other than one or two small contradictions most people theorize that James Bond is only a code name passed on to different men when they are classified 007. Tony Stark isnt a code name, hes a well developed character. Seeing anyone other than RDJ in the role just wouldnt feel right as long as its taking place in the same universe. For example seeing Sam Jackson as Nick Fury talking to a new actor playing Tony Stark and acting as if nothing at all is wrong would just be plain weird since they have a history together at this point.


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Simple solutions:

1 When its time for Avengers 2 don't have Iron Man.

2 Keep him in the armor.

3 Time Leap age the character enough to where it makes some sense he doesn't look or act the way he did those years ago.

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@noj: I still don't care about him getting replaced, it's going to happen eventually, and I accept it. My opinion still stands.

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I disagree with the original post. To me changing the actor is like getting a new artist & writer to work on an ongoing comic book. The style change all the time in comics so to me the same concept used in comics could easily be reapplied to movie continuity. It could work so long as you cast the right actor and the directors know what they are doing. Truth be told, I never got the impression Batman Forever & Batman & Robin was meant to be a continuation of the Tim Burton version of the movies. Regardless, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are terrible examples because the movies were terrible overall. It fails to sustain coninuity because Warner Bros./ DC comics didn't know what they were doing at the time.

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I have no problem with it. I would prefer that all the characters would stay with the same actor but I know that the actors end up wanting to do different roles so I have no problem looking past it if it is recast.

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Any specific reason why they'd have to constantly do Tony Stark/Iron Man? It's a big universe, why not explore some of Marvel's other characters in movie adaptations (and future Avengers movies), rather than just doing Iron Man over and over again?

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I really look at it like with how a comic book gets a new creative team, the writing may be different and the look of the characters might be different due to a new artist, but in the end it's still the same characters I've been reading.
The worst thing I think Marvel could do at this point is reboot the movies, this is something that many hate about the new Spider-Man movies and quite frankly after you see the same origin story a few times you get a little sick of it, especially in a movie. I personally don't have an issue with Marvel recasting different actors, at first I was worried about the new guy playing Hulk in The Avengers as I really liked Norton's Hulk/Banner. But after seeing the movie four times now I actually like him and think he's great in the role. I don't think recasting different characters is really that big of a deal, the trick though I believe is simply finding the right actor to take up the role, but it also doesn't hurt to bring in someone who brings something new to the character.
But rebooting is probably the worst decision Marvel could make, people know these characters and they know what makes them tick and throwing that all out the window and starting over, because one actor decides they've have their time as Tony Stark/Captain America/Thor/etc. but it's time to move on, would more likely cause Marvel to loose more viewers than to gain. Really though, with so many characters and so many stories that come with said characters, after you do three Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk movies it would probably be best to give those characters a rest and let newer characters get their chance in the spotlight, and later on come back and possibly bring back the older characters, maybe with new actors and a new direction; not start over but instead just pick up where the last movies left off.

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@The_Tree said:

@noj: I still don't care about him getting replaced, it's going to happen eventually, and I accept it. My opinion still stands.

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I personally would rather see a cinematic universe last more than the average two or three films and develop into something bigger, even if this requires recasting certain parts. Compare it to a soap opera, they change actors all the time and sometimes it works out pretty well. I'm sure they can change the Avengers roster every few movies to let in new characters. You could have a new Tony Stark pop in a few movies later and carry on as if it's the same guy.

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