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So I was reading over my well worn copy of 'The Life of Captain Marvel' - and I kept replaying the film and my conversations with the wife and friends about it; where will they go from here ? The wife made a good point about the 'cosmic cube' being at the center of many of the Marvel films to date and that if they were going to make a break from it - this might be the point. I agreed with her, but I couldn't shake the notion in my mind about how Thanos came to truly make his presence known in the Marvel U. That story did in fact come from his search for the Cube - and ultimately led to he and Adam Warlock's demise in Avengers Annual 7.

It just seems too hard to wield a story like Infinity Gauntlet - even for Whedon. I gots the faith - truly I do, but how would you craft that story and wrap it up in 2 and half ? I just can't see it being possible. Now of course, the story doesn't have to be told via the silver screen as it is in canon and that's fine thanks again to Whedon's abilities. (I assume he will return for the sake of this discussion). However - if it is, I repeat IF - then it makes sense that it will dovetail SOMEhow off of the story with Mar-Vell. I would like to see that happen, for selfish reasons to be sure - but at least this way it would be a nice intro of a new Marvel character to the big screen. If the scenario can't be done with Mar-Vell, but still plays the Cube as the focus then that leaves the Silver Surfer whom could logically (think back to Thanos and his reintro back in the second series of Surfer early 90's) step in to show up as the Marathon character warning of impending doom.

Again this is all speculation at this point, but I'd be eager to hear other folks' thoughts/opinions on this matter and especially if there is any news to be had (wouldn't it be great if someone here was brother/sister to Whedon and would share with us mortals?) on the subject. Many thanks.

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@evilvegeta74: Thanks, hopefully the sequel lives up to this version - again I'm just very curious.

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