The Avengers #89

    The Avengers » The Avengers #89 - The Only Good Alien... released by Marvel on June 1971.

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    Captain Marvel hurries to his destination in the dark of the night knowing he is being pursued. His aim is to reach The Cape and commandeer a rocket back to Hala. His pursuers catch up to him and are revealed as The Avengers! The heroes try to persuade Mar-Vell to come with them peacefully but the Man of Kree is reluctant. A fight breaks and Mar-Vell manages to hold the Avengers at bay before using flying away. Mar-Vell lands on a rooftop where he is surprised by a familiar voice. Rick Jones shoots the man with whom he has been trading atoms for months and renders him unconscious. The Avengers arrive and along with a guilt ridden Rick, take Mar-Vell away to a nearby hospital where Dr. Donaldson has been waiting for them. The Vision places the still unconscious Mar-Vell in the decontamination chair and as the process begins, everyone watches from outside the decontamination chamber. Rick Jones prays that Mar-Vell pulls through and recounts how they got to this event from the beginning.

    In a flashback Rick is performing a gig when he gets a headache that causes him to take a break. The essence of Mar-Vell appears from the Negative Zone and tells Rick he has witnessed a battle between Mr. Fantastic and Annihilus in which he discovered an exit from the Negative Zone. Using this will allow Mar-Vell and Rick to have to stop sharing atoms using the Nega-Bands. Rick makes his way to New York and The Baxter Building where the equipment to open a portal to the Negative Zone is kept. Rick and Mar-Vell trade places and the Captain breaks into Reed Richards’ lab to get to the machine. This sets off an alarm at Avengers Mansion and The Vision alerts Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch. While Mar-Vell operates the machine the trio of Avengers arrive. However Captain Marvel is determined to complete his mission and manages to succeed before Earht’s Mightiest Heroes can stop him.

    Rick Jones arrives through the portal but tells Mar-Vell that something has followed him to Earth. Suddenly the menacing figure of Annihilus appears and in typical super villain fashion announces his plan to take over the world. The Avengers attack but are unsuccessful when Rick follows Visions’ instruction and reverses the portal. Annihilus makes a last attempt at grabbing on to The Vision. However the android becomes intangible and slips through the villains fingers and Annihilus is sucked back into the portal. Meanwhile Captain Marvel has escaped in The Avengers Quinjet but a Geiger Counter in the lab reveals Mar-Vell is full of radiation picked up in the weeks he was stranded in the Negative Zone. Fearing the radiation within Mar-Vell could destroy both himself and perhaps the world, The Avengers and Rick Jones give chase.

    Back in the present, the decontamination machine is running out of power and The Vision uses his stored solar energy to complete the process. Both android and alien are unconscious and taken away to rest. Meantime in the Kree Galaxy, The Supreme Intelligence is attacked by the vanquished Ronan who remotely activates Kree Sentry #459 stored at The Cape. Ronan commands the robot to destroy Captain Mar-Vell and his allies.


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