The Avengers #77

    The Avengers » The Avengers #77 - Heroes For Hire! released by Marvel on June 1, 1970.

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    Shady businessman Cornelius Van Lunt hires the Avengers as a demolition team for the new property he bought. The Scarlet Witch reveals her past with Van Lunt, and confesses that she has doubts about his motives with the team. Plus, Black Panther takes a civilian job as a teacher!

    1st appearance of Cornelius Van Lunt. One morning the people are shocked to see the Avengers smashing apart a building, when the police arrive to stop them they are informed by millionaire Cornelius Van Lunt that he has purchased the property out from under the city (which planned to use the property for a park) and hired the Avengers to demolish the building.

    After the episode, Scarlet Witch reflects back on the events that led to their dealings with the shady businessman: One night Tony Stark visited Avengers Mansion to inform them that he is in a power struggle with Cornelius Van Lunt, and that Van Lunt was getting Stark back on back rent that is owed for Avengers Mansion. When trying to figure out a way to help out Stark with his money problems, T'Challa reveals that he cannot help as he has taken up a teaching job in the city under a civilian guise.

    Elsewhere, a criminal named Kronus has gathered a group of thieves to study methods to rob more efficiently. Their gathering is busted up by the Avengers, but the crooks manage to make their getaway. The next day, the Avengers begin hiring themselves out to earn money to help Stark out with his money troubles, this is what gets them under the hire of Van Lunt, to square their accounts.

    Back to the present time, Kronus and his men begin a bombing plot all over the city, the Avengers end tracking the criminals back to their base and apprehending. When they unmask Kronus, they find out that he is really one of Van Lunt's lacky's. They soon find out that this lackey used to be the owner of a business bought out by Van Lunt, and that he took up the job as a his lackey and the guise of a costumed criminal as a form of revenge


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