The Avengers #61

    The Avengers » The Avengers #61 - Some Say The World Will End In Fire... Some Say In Ice! released by Marvel on February 1, 1969.

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    While tending to the Vision, Black Panther and Hawkeye are visited by an astral form of Dr. Strange! What does the Sorcerer Supreme need from the Avengers? And why is Black Knight in danger?

    Some Say The World Will End In Fire... Some Say In Ice!

    Late night in The Avengers Mansion, Black Panther is “feeding” solar energy to The Vision through a device he and Hank Pym have invented. T’Challa explains to Hawkeye The Vision needs to recharge his powers via solar rays which he absorbs via the jewel on his forehead. Vision asks T’Challa to turn off the devise as he is getting an overfeed and as T’Challa complies, he suddenly becomes alert at the presence of an intruder. Hawkeyes fires an arrow at the ghostly apparition but it flies right through the astral form of Doctor Strange. Strange tells The Avengers he needs their help as the world is in great danger. Hawkeye explains that it is only the three of them as Hank and Janet are on their honeymoon. As Black Panther and the marksman prepare to follow Doctor Strange, The Vision says he will remain behind as he is still recovering from the solar overfeed. Hawkeye and Black Panther follow Strange’s astral form in the Quinjet to a graveyard where it rejoins his physical body. The Avengers are surprised to see Aragorn outside a mausoleum in which they find a comatose Black Knight. Doctor Strange explains he and the Knight had recently returned from the dimension of Tiboro after defeating the Sons of Satannish and had captured Marduk who tricked them and used the Crystal of Conquest to blast the Black Knight. Doctor Strange put a spell on Marduk who told of the imminent danger the Sons of Satannish had released. Black Panther decides they must first save the Knight and the Avengers take him back to the mansion.

    Dane Whitman is placed in Hank Pym’s rejuvenator but still requires the attention of a doctor. T’Challa and Clint convince a hesitant Doctor strange to perform the operation himself. Fearfully the former physician agrees and the operation is a success. The rejuvenator then begins to rapidly heal Whitman while Vision enters and breaks the news of volcanic mountains erupting in the middle of the Antarctic! The heroes are then interrupted by a radio transmission from Wakanda that T’Challa answers and is informed the Wakandan jungle in Africa is covered in ice! Doctor Strange says both events are the doing of the Sons of Satannish and explains his plan to stop the unnatural occurrences. Strange remains behind in the mansion while The Avengers and the now recovered Black Knight split into two groups and head their separate ways. Hawkeye and Whitman take Aragorn to Black Knight’s private jet and head to Antarctica while Vision and T’Challa fly the Quinjet to Wakanda.

    On reaching the Wakandan jungle The Vision spots Ymir the Frost Giant sprawled across the land and The Avengers fly the Quinjet right into him, bailing out themselves before impact. This has no effect except to infuriate the monster who throws a giant ice spear at his foes. Elsewhere in Antarctica, Hawkeye and Black Knight ride Aragorn to reach Surtur, the Demon King of Fire Giants. Neither Hawkeye’s arrows nor Black Knight’s enchanted sword damage the giant who retaliates with his own flame sword and knocks the heroes out of the air. Aragorn reaches his master but Hawkeye is falling to his death when Black Knight manages to reach out and grab him at the last minute. Meanwhile in Africa, Vision uses the full power of his force beam on Ymir who just keeps coming closer. Black Panther and Vision realise they are fighting a losing battle but continue to stall for time as they wait for Doc Strange to make his move. Back in Antarctica, Hawkeye and Black Knight fare no better but much to the archer’s surprise Whitman rides his steed straight towards Surtur. The Black Knight is following a mental command from Doc Strange who has completed casting his spell on the Crystal of Conquest. As Surtur draws his flame sword back to strike the heroes, they are all transported to Wakanda – right in front of Ymir who himself is about to lash out at his foes. The fire and ice giants are face to face and unable to stop their movements, strike each other with unbelievable force. The impact causes an enormous implosion and both creatures are sent back to their own worlds. Doc Strange appears in his astral form and tells The Avengers and The Black Knight that an unwary world is once again safe.


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